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Club Equipment

Edinburgh RC holds equipment for both individual and club use.

  • For club events there is an Event Kit, consisting of signs, flags, marshals' bibs and race numbers etc
  • Individuals, race teams and coaches can borrow from an equipment list that includes items such as race radios, racing wheels, track components and cameras.
  • The club also owns five road race bikes for use by members. The responsibility for their maintenance is placed on the club member borrowing the bike. Members can borrow the bikes for up to 3 months and are expected to return the bikes newly serviced, roadworthy and clean.

A list of current equipment can be found here: Equipment Inventory

To reserve the club equipment, please use the booking form: Equipment Booking Form

For general enquiries about club equipment please contact us.

Suggestions for additional equipment that may be useful to stock for club members are always welcomed.


Coaching and Individual Equipment

Available to all ERC members for various purposes eg : to explore different areas of cycling, to "try before you buy".

The equipment is issued on a first come basis and for a period of up to 1 week. If additional time is required this should be arranged in advance. The cost of borrowing different items of kit and the deposit required is shown against the item in the Equipment Inventory.

If a member wishes to book a piece of equipment for a specific event or for their exclusive use, then they should fill in the Equipment Booking Form. Bookings are recorded by the quartermaster and the appropriate fee will be charged.

Note - Club coaches have priority for the use of coaching equipment and would not be expected to make donations for recognised programs.

Event Kit

This is primarily for ERC organised events for which there is no charge. However loss or damage to the kit would need to be set against the event, not the organiser. ERC members or other clubs may use the Event Kit where the ERC committee sanctions the event. For this type of event the club would charge a nominal fee to help towards maintenance, plus a deposit, and expect the cost of any loss or damage to be met by the event organiser.

Track Equipment

ERC have a secure storage box at Meadowbank track to hold most of the club's track specific equipment.

The club provides track specific equipment so that club members can try out the various disciplines whithin the track field without initially spending a lot of money. It is envisaged that members who want to pursue the track on a regular basis will purchase their own equipment.  For high ticket items e.g. disc wheel, this may take a number of seasons to achieve.

Access to the club track equipment will be available on Tuesday evenings for track league and at other prearranged times with the key holders.

More Information

Check the What's on? diary page for details of club activities.

Please read the Frequently asked questions page for answers to common queries, or contact us for more information.

Ask a question, buy and sell bike stuff or catch up on the latest event reports on the Edinburgh RC forums.

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