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Performance test booking form

The types of test offered are:


The ramp test represents a gradual and continual increase in workload to maximal volitional exhaustion i.e. your bike is placed on a testing rig and the resistance you pedal against is automatically increased until you reach exhaustion. From this your maximum minute power (the average power output sustained for the final minute of exercise), and maximum heart rate can be determined.  These 2 markers along with the slope of the heart rate graph throughout the test can be used in subsequent tests to determine improvement.  The data can also be used to determine heart rate and power training zones.  

Functional Threshold Power

FTP is defined as the average power a rider can sustain for 60 minutes.  The test consists of a predefined warmup followed by a 20 minute all out effort paced so that performance does not tail off dramatically.  From this a riders FTP can be calculated.  FTP tells a rider the power beyond which lactate accumulates quickly in the muscles and fatigue sets in.  This can be improved with specific training and will result in improved time trial performance and ability to sustain hard efforts in road races.

The coach running the test will be able to discuss the above in more detail.  Specific instructions on what is required on the day of test can be found here.

The tests are performed on a Cyclops PowerBeam Pro using programmed test protocols.

There is a fee associated with this test. This is currently £10 and covers the use of the test facility and the maintenance of the testing equipment.  This is payable at the time of the test.