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Author Topic: Tour of the Meldons - Scottish Olympic TT Champs  (Read 2363 times)

Jason F

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Tour of the Meldons - Scottish Olympic TT Champs
« on: April 28, 2015, 01:42:00 PM »
Our club had the honour of hosting the Scottish National Olympic Distance TT Champs on Sunday, and did a fantastic job making it a really well run event. 

Jonny and I, together with Ali Simpson did a recce of the course on Thursday last week, which as most people know starts at Eddlestone, coming back up the Peebles Rd towards Edinburgh before turning over Shiplaw, joining the A701 right the way to Blythe Bridge (the exended course being nearly 3 miles longer as a result), from Blythe Bridge it's a left hander towards Peebles before reaching the Meldons and a finale up the tough climb to Barony Castle.  The recce proved useful in that it highlighted just how much gravel had accumulated on the Meldons turn (thanks to Ian McKinlay for doing a great job sweeping it up and making it a lot safer come Sunday).

Conditions on Sunday were mixed with the forecasted northerly headwind turning into more of a typical South Westerly and therefore hindering both over Shiplaw and down the A701, but giving a welcome tailie on the Meldons climb.  The later starters also had to contend with some wintery hailstone showers.

Well done to Chris Smart from Paisly Velo, retaining his title from Alan Thomson (the 2013 winner) and Silas Goldsworthy.  Also retaining the ladies title Lynsey Curran, Dooleys, taking the win from former ERC and the Tour Series most familiar face - Louise Borthwick, with our very own Rae Captieux taking the Bronze medal - well done Rae.

Morag and Emma did a fantastic job on the catering and well done to Penny and all of her team for making it a really enjoyable (even for a TT...) event.  Special mention to Jo Merritt and Jackie Reid for marshalling and hopefully we'll see both of them back on their bikes soon.  Great turnout of ERC riders with Ken Russel proving yet again that he is the man to beat against the clock in ERC.  Full results below:

Pos   Name   Club   Time
1   Chris Smart   Paisley Velo Race Team   00:57:23
2   Alan Thomson   Sandy Wallace Cycles   00:57:40
3   Silas Goldsworthy   Sandy Wallace Cycles   00:57:56
4   Arthur Doyle   00:58:06
5   Benjamin Peacock   Billy Bilsland Cycles   00:58:54
6   Kyle Gordon   Sandy Wallace Cycles   00:59:36
7   James Cusick   00:59:39
8   Gavin Shirley   00:59:47
9   Edward Addis   Peebles CC   01:00:59
10   Jason Barnes   Glasgow Nightingale CC   01:01:00
11   Jamie Kennedy   Paisley Velo Race Team   01:01:01
12   Andrew Underwood   Glasgow Wheelers   01:01:24
13   Andrew Scott   Musselburgh RCC   01:02:03
14   Gary Robson   Gala Cycling Club   01:02:07
15   Craig Dale   TheBicycleWorks   01:02:45
16   Allan Mill   Sandy Wallace Cycles   01:02:50
17   Kenneth Russell   Edinburgh RC   01:03:15
18   Ruairi O'Driscoll   Edinburgh University CC   01:03:46
19   Jon Clarke   Glasgow Nightingale CC   01:03:49
20   Nathan Beard   Gala Cycling Club   01:03:59
21   Stephen Couper   Glasgow United CC   01:04:00
22   Tony Scott   Loudoun RC   01:04:02
23   Steve Davidson   Sandy Wallace Cycles   01:04:40
24   Jason Fogarty   Edinburgh RC   01:04:51
25   Andrew Cox   Peebles CC   01:05:12
26   Alistair Meikle   Gala Cycling Club   01:05:34
27   Ross Dymock   Glasgow Green Cycle Club   01:05:46
28   Paul Friel   Glasgow Road Club   01:05:50
29   Buchanan Paterson   Stirling Bike Club   01:06:10
30   Brian Muir   Royal Albert CC   01:06:15
31   Brian McCartney   Ronde Cycling Club   01:06:23
32   Neil Muir   Royal Albert CC   01:06:28
33   Graham Jones   Edinburgh RC   01:06:36
34   Andrew McGhee   Glasgow Couriers   01:06:45
35   Calum Kennedy   Edinburgh RC   01:06:45
36   Alan Dobbie   Edinburgh RC   01:06:48
37   Lynsey Curran   01:07:01
38   Tommy Garland   Edinburgh University CC   01:07:12
39   Albert McLellan   Glasgow Couriers   01:07:18
40   Jonny May   Edinburgh RC   01:07:45
41   Matt Goode   Edinburgh Triathletes   01:07:49
42   Graeme Docherty-Walthew   Stirling Bike Club   01:08:01
43   Robert Marshall   01:08:09
44   Joseph Agnew   Edinburgh RC   01:08:29
45   Jarlath Flynn   Edinburgh RC   01:08:57
46   Kevin Chalmers   Peebles CC   01:09:07
47   Adrian Hay   Dunfermline CC   01:09:10
48   Douglas Kirkham   Musselburgh RCC   01:09:12
49   Stephen Malaney   Glasgow Couriers   01:09:23
50   Warren Crombie   Edinburgh RC   01:09:30
51   Allan Crosbie   Pedal Power RT   01:09:43
52   Eoghan Maguire   Edinburgh RC   01:09:45
53   Roy Richardson   Peebles CC   01:09:53
54   Craig Hayes   Edinburgh RC   01:10:13
55   Louise Borthwick   Project 51   01:10:14
56   Tony Nugent   East Kilbride Road Club   01:11:37
57   Colin Russell   Edinburgh RC   01:12:28
58   Chris Allen   Edinburgh RC   01:12:32
59   Mireille Captieux   Edinburgh RC   01:12:54
60   Iain Cowden   Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club   01:14:29
61   Sandra Tulloch   Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique   01:14:34
62   Willie Stephen   Velo Club Vitesse   01:15:18
63   Katherine Wren   Stirling Bike Club   01:15:50
64   Paul Lawson   Weaver Valley CC   01:16:53
65   Lyndsey Carson   Team Thomsons Cycles   01:17:17
66   Anna Fairweather   Spokes Racing Team   01:17:30
67   Aileen  Clyde   Fullarton Wheelers   01:17:31
68   Sarah Bradford   Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club   01:17:35
69   Gwo-tzer Ho      01:21:18
70   Lorna Ferguson   Glasgow Green Cycle Club   DNF
71   Katie Wylie   Falkirk Bicycle Club   DNS
72   Lynne Wardrop   Ayr Roads Cycling Club   DNS
73   George Shanley   Kinross CC   DNS
74   Mark Skilling   Icarus Racing   DNS
75   Stephen Beech   Sandy Wallace Cycles   DNS
76   Joseph Shaw   Falkirk Bicycle Club   DNS
77   Paul McLafferty   Glasgow Ivy CC   DNS
78   John Paterson   Classic Racing Team   DNS
79   Peter Ettles   Sandy Wallace Cycles   DNS


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