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For Sale / Re: Basic Magnetic Resistance Turbo Trainer
« Last post by Bill Wilkie on Today at 11:56:40 AM »
For Sale / Sidi Women's Genius 5-Fit Carbon Road Shoes (white). Size 38
« Last post by ClaireM on November 21, 2017, 02:44:43 PM »
Perfect condition, only used twice on turbo before deciding fit wasn’t for me. Cost to buy was £134.99. Looking for £60ono.
Event Reports / Wooler Trail Half Marathon
« Last post by reidthetrier on November 19, 2017, 05:10:04 PM »
Video review of the Trail Half Marathon on 18 Nov in Wooler (normally know for it's Borderlander and Wheeler Sportives)
For Sale / Wanted - Mountain Bike
« Last post by Jayne Scott on November 19, 2017, 02:40:45 PM »
Hi, I am looking for a mountain bike for my 9 year old boy.  Ideally 13" frame/XS, 26" wheels.  He's approx 4ft 5inch and this is the size that has been recommended for him.    He has grown out of his current bike very quickly.  Any suggestions welcome.  Thanks Jayne
Message Board / ERC majorca 22 March- looking for a partner
« Last post by B. Hauffe on November 13, 2017, 02:59:45 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to come along with the group that is planning to go to Majorca from 22 March 2018 for 10 days.  It's currently online for £505, but that's as part of a pair sharing a twin room.  Going alone is nearly double that price :(

If anyone is considering going and would like to share costs, I'd really appreciate you getting in contact.  I'm happy to share a room with male or female (as long as you don't snore terribly!)- I'm sure some agreement around use of showers/ changing time could make this acceptable to everyone?

Please contact me on:
(My name is B- I tend to ride out with the relaxed sunday and thursday riders)
For Sale / Track bike and assorted stuff for sale.
« Last post by Colin on November 12, 2017, 09:10:32 PM »
I have the following for sale:-

Brian Rourke track bike. Blue and red steel frame.  20 inch seat tube, 21 inch top tube.  Dura Ace cranks and 52 chain ring.  Campagnolo Record hubs.  £600 ono.

Tubular wheels - Campagnolo Chorus 9/10 hubs on Ambrosio Excellence rims.  Very smooth and true, with very little wear.  £130.

Rapha Hardshell jacket - medium, yellow (chartreuse).  Some signs of light use but a fabulous waterproof jacket.  £130.

Rapha ProTeam jacket - black, as new,  £110.

Rapha Rain jacket, red, as new, £90.

Flandria hard shell bike box.  Red, with internal padding and straps.  Has a drag handle and casters.  Some signs of use but functional. £50 ono. Two wheel bags included.

Shimano Deore Mtb rear hub. New, for 8/9/10 speed disc brake.  £20.

PM or email


For Sale / Computrainer Lab Indoor Trainer
« Last post by Alexander on November 05, 2017, 05:02:20 PM »
Great opportunity to purchase a Computrainer indoor trainer in very good condition.

The Computrainer is legendary for it's build quality and durability. They state you can use a tandem on it.

The load generator has a claimed accuracy of +/- 2.5% with a Dynamometer calibrated, lab verified repeatability of +/- 1%. It has a Max. power output of 1500 watts, including +/- 15 grade adjustments. The electronically generated inertia and Drag Factor provide a true road feel.

It comes with Racemate One software:

  • 3D Cycling
  • Power Training
  • Real Course Video - Ironman Wisconsin and USAT Age Group Nationals (both new)
  • Spinscan - pedal analysis software

(software runs on Windows only and there is one downloadable license still to use (you are given two, before you have to purchase more. Obviously I used the first one).

I am selling the trainer with it's original box, instructions, an independent stand for the handlebar controller, a Computrainer travel case* and compatible Polar Heart Rate monitor only used once for testing.

One of the cables accidental touched the rear wheel and the outer casing got damaged. None of the inter cable was effected and it has been repaired with black electrically tape. The damage is cosmetic. Also for some reason one of the rods the screws in - to clamp onto the quick release is a bit stiffer to turn then it should be, but still does it's job.

The trainer can fit wheels up to 700C x35, and the makers claim you can get a 29er in their with modification. I never did the modification. It just fits a 135 mm rear axle (disc)

*Though the Computrainer case is called a travel case, it weighs a ton. I think the USA company made it concept of travel was throwing into the back of an SUV.

I can deliver Edinburgh or Lothian or you can pick up from Broxburn.

At the moment looking for offers around £800.00
For Sale / Brand new XL men’s Endura ERC trisuit
« Last post by JA Pullar on November 02, 2017, 09:05:39 PM »
Just received this today and I can’t fit my shoulders into it.  Brand new and was only tried on once with underwear.
Cost me £80 but yours for £70.

Message Board / Social Ride this Sunday
« Last post by jim welsh on November 01, 2017, 03:14:46 PM »
10.00 Charwood grill Fairmilehead. A relaxed ride approx 12-15mph suitable pace for most people. There will be a cafe stop . Usually 50/60 miles. On this occasion riders without mudguards will receive a verbal caution but from now on during the winter mudguards are obligatory.
Event Reports / Gibraltar Super-sprint Triathlon
« Last post by mitch on November 01, 2017, 08:39:12 AM »
As many of you will know Berit and I moved to Gibraltar at the end of August.  As luck would have it, the annual Gibraltar triathlon was scheduled for about three weeks after we got here.  As bad luck would have it Berit was scheduled to work that weekend.  Although it is a supersprint (300m swim, 10k cycle, 2.5km) intended really for novices they are happy for anyone to enter as long as you describe yourself as a "practicing" male/female to give the novices a fair crack at the prizes. I didn't feel much like a practicing triathlete given the general lack of training and overindulgence in the lead up to the move.  We had at least got the overindulgence under control for the last few weeks, if not exactly got totally back in to the training.  We have managed a short run most mornings and a few decent cycles once our bikes eventually arrived.  Despite the excellent, free, swimming pool, I'd hardly swum a mile in total since getting here.

With the race being so short, transition times would have a big impact  so I decided I would practice the flying mount and dismount.  The challenge here was finding a quiet, flat space big enough to do this.  Even the dead-end road where the run section of the race would be seemed to have a steady stream of cars just going to the end and turning.  Despite this, I managed a couple of sessions and felt pretty confident in both mounting and dismounting.  Obviously there would be no socks, gloves or tops to put on, and a quick swim the week before confirmed that there would be no wetsuit to take off.  Wetsuits were optional on the day, and few folk did wear them, but the majority didn't.

Race morning was a bit cloudy and windy and from the registration queue we could see that they waves on the beach looked pretty big.  Not Edinburgh IM 70.3 big, but pretty serious and there were a lot of nervous looks from the many first timers.  I overheard the organizer reassuring one lady that if she found the waves too much she could just turn around and get out and she'd be allowed to cycle and run anyway - its about enjoying the day not putting yourself in danger.  As far as I know, no-one took him up on this and everyone finished safely, but it was nice to hear. I don't think I'd have fancied that swim for my first triathlon.

The race was a beach start and a few folk got in for a splash about and warm up before the off.  I did a token stand in the waves and splash my face job.  This was probably a mistake.  When we ran in, the water was too shallow to swim for a bit. When I started swimming the first wave knocked me off my stroke and then I was practically beached as the wave receded.  So I stood again, just in time to get slammed by the next wave.  A moment captured nicely by a photographer (  The combination of being winded, the cold shock the lack of wetsuit buoyancy had me questioning some of my recent life choices as the waves continued to batter me.  Eventually I got into my stroke and was making up ground on those who had a better start.  Surfing the waves back in was fun, but I probably stood up one wave too early and nearly got knocked off my feet again.

Through T1 and there were still a respectable number of bikes in their racks and I sailed through leaving any number of folk sitting around struggling with various items of clothing and shoes.  The  mount went smoothly and I was soon closing on my first target.  After I'd picked off a few and was starting to think I could do well here, I saw the mass peloton of the leaders coming towards me, abut a half a lap ahead.  The race was draft legal, and there was no way I could compete with that on my own.  The first guy I passed tried to hold my wheel for a bit, but had fallen away quickly on the first hill. With no-one to work with I just had to go flat out all the way. I passed a good few folk and found the habit of 40 previous triathlons hard to break as I tried to overtake each within 30 seconds without taking a draft.

The lap ends with a sweeping descent, perfect for getting my feet out of my shoes ready for the flying dismount into T2. I could hear the rising urgency in the voices of the marshals as I approached the dismount line without looking like stopping.  A good sign that they're doing their jobs, but adds slightly to the pressure to get the dismount right. My practice paid off I was off on the run in no time.  The rough sea made its presence felt again in the form of an awful stitch from my seawater filled belly and the distinct lack of brick sessions was felt in the jelly legs.  Basically an awful run.  On the first lap I passed the finish line for the first time, just in time to be overtaken by the race leader on his way to cross the line. I recovered a bit by the second lap and manage to pass a few folk, but lost one place a few hundred meters from the line.

Overall time was 35:04, no official splits but I was roughly 9 minutes in the swim, 16 minutes in the bike and 8 minutes in the run.  23rd place, out of 59. 

Good news is next year they are doing a Standard distance race in July as a test for the Island Games which come to Gibraltar in 2019 (Gib isn't an island, but they are still allowed to take part).  It will be limited to 100 places though,  so if you fancy an away race in the sun next year get your entry in as soon as registration opens.

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