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Author Topic: ERC Try the track day Saturday 18/04/09‏  (Read 1343 times)


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ERC Try the track day Saturday 18/04/09‏
« on: April 01, 2009, 01:58:10 PM »
Here is your chance to try the track supervised by Allister Watson for helping you with the bike fitting and basic technique for how to ride a fixed bike on a track.
This is a trilling experience and I would recommend as something to try for every cyclist.

We can accommodate up to 12-15 riders in three groups of 4 or 5 with a spread of ability.

I know every body is quite busy training and racing but, believe me on that one, ride the track and you'll become a better and stronger rider.
Riding a fix gear improves the pedaling technique and the short fast hard efforts are very good workouts to improve your fitness level.
You'll also improve your bike handling and speed control which are essential for riding the track.
Last but not least riding at Meadowbank gives the opportunity to ride with Scottish champions current and future stars with a lot of fast kids.

Prices have yet to be confirmed but may be around £10 a head.Bike hire is free as this is covered by your ESCA levy.
You can also book an ESCA bike for the season for something like £30.

After that a typical weekly track schedule looks like below:
Monday                Available for open training.
Tuesday                Meadowbank National Track League.
Wednesday                Available for open training.
Thursday                Fast kids and girls running in an open training session.<The Thursday club>
Friday           Novice school running in an open training session.
Saturday           Racers kids club in the morning.
                           Available for open training from 12.30pm
         ** Often Derny pace / Madison sessions **
Sunday                Available for open training.

Send me an email at to have your name marked down for the "try the track day" or if you have any further questions.




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Re: ERC Try the track day Saturday 18/04/09‏
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2009, 09:04:24 AM »
Just a note of thanks to Allister Watson and his merry band of helpers for this fantastic afternoon out at the velodrome.

Fantastic to see so many ERC riders giving the track a go in glorious sunshine.

Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, even Jessica once she relaxed. :)

Roll on track league.
You seem to be an expert. - GeoAngus


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