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Author Topic: Eastern Promise RR - 10/6/09  (Read 4866 times)

Jonny May

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Eastern Promise RR - 10/6/09
« on: June 11, 2009, 10:43:13 AM »
First draft results (prize winners only) - full results to follow once we've checked sign on sheets and analysed the photofinish.

Overall Position,Forename,Surname,Club / Team Name,Prizes
1,Evan,Olliphant,Endura RT,1
2,Gary,Hand,Endura RT,2
3,Alex,Coutts,Heraklion Nessebar Kastro,3
4,David,Lines,Endura RT,4
5,Stuart,MacGregor,Dooleys RT,1st Vet
6,Jason,Roberts,Glasgow Nightingale CC,5
8,Paul,Newnham,Edinburgh RC,1st 3rd Cat
9,Graham,McGarrity,Dooleys RT,2nd Vet
11,Hamish,MacLean,,1st 4th Cat
13,Matthew J.,Hamilton,Discovery Junior CC,1st Jun
37,Anne,Ewing,Edinburgh RC,1st W

(Many thanks to Evan, Gary & the other prize winners for their patience at the end of the evening - your prize cheques will be in the post shortly.)


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Re: Eastern Promise RR - 10/6/09
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2009, 10:52:08 AM »
Thanks to ERC for putting this on and to the marshalls.

Special thanks to the marshal on the moped who tailed me the final 10 miles or so as lantern rouge to make sure I got back ok.

P.S. is there an approximate time for the winner - just so I can see how far back I eventually finished?




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Re: Eastern Promise RR - 10/6/09
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2009, 12:14:22 PM »
Thanks to Ken and the team for another great event, much appreciated 
Hamish MacLean


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Re: Eastern Promise RR - 10/6/09
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2009, 08:47:34 AM »
Any word on the full standings?

Jonny May

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Re: Eastern Promise RR - 10/6/09
« Reply #4 on: June 17, 2009, 09:47:39 AM »
Full results:

Place,No.,Forename,Surname,Club / Team Name,Cat,Prizes
1,46,Evan,Olliphant,Endura RT,Elite,1st
2,52,Gary,Hand,Endura RT,,2nd
3,42,Alex,Coutts,Heraklion Nessebar Kastro,Elite,3rd
4,44,David,Lines,Endura RT,S,4th
5,21,Stuart,MacGregor,Dooleys RT,V2,1st Vet
6,29,Jason,Roberts,Glasgow Nightingale CC,S2,5th
7,54,Paul,Rowney,Vieti Cycles,V2,2nd Vet
8,28,Paul,Newnham,Edinburgh RC,S3,1st 3rd Cat
9,24,Graham,McGarrity,Dooleys RT,V2,
10,18,Lewis,Oliphant,Velo Ecosse,S2,
11,23,Hamish,MacLean,,V4,1st 4th Cat
12,11,Richard,Garrett,Edinburgh RC,V3,
13,14,Matthew J.,Hamilton,Discovery Junior CC,J3,1st Jun
14,40,Niall,Aitken,Endura RT,S2,
15,7,Stephen,Couper,Dunfermline CC,S3,
16,37,James J.,Whitworth,Edinburgh RC,S4,
17,15,Alex,Hilliam,Edinburgh RC,S4,
18,22,Calum,MacLean,Edinburgh RC,S3,
19,39,Finlay,Young,equipe velo ecosse,J ,
22,31,James W.,Smith,Discovery Junior CC,J,
23,45,James,MacCallum,Endura RT,Elite,
24,1,Ben,Abrahams,equipe velo ecosse,S3,
25,51,Graeme,Lawrie,Gala CC,V4,
26,17,Andrew,Leith,Discovery Junior CC,J,
27,6,Andrew,Brown,Edinburgh RC,V4,
28,3,Georges,Avraam,Edinburgh RC,V4,
29,12,Michael,Graham,Classic Walls RT,V50,
30,41,Tim,Blathwayt,Edinburgh RC,S2,
31,43,Anne,Ewing,Edinburgh RC,W2,1st W
33,20,Paul,Mace,RAF CC,S2,
34,49,John,Owen,Pedal Power,S4,
36,30,Andreas,Schaefer,Edinburgh RC,S4,
37,33,Matthew,Smith,Edinburgh RC,S4,
38,56,Eric,Easton,Edinburgh RC,S4,
39,36,Grant,Thomson,West Lothian Clarion,Prov,
DNF,38,Dougie,Young,Glasgow Wheelers,S2,
DNF,26,Alastair,McNicol,Edinburgh RC,S3,
DNS,8,Ross,Crook,Edinburgh RC,2nd,
DNS,2,Matheson,Andrew,Musselburgh Roads CC,V3,
DNS,13,Nicky,Hall,City of Edinburgh RC,S3,
DNS,16,Graeme,Huston,GS Metro,3V,
DNS,47,Franco,Porco,Falkirk BC,S3,

(Sorry - no time gaps available.)


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