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Author Topic: Tour of the Meldons 17th April 2011 Results  (Read 4876 times)


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Tour of the Meldons 17th April 2011 Results
« on: April 19, 2011, 06:08:44 AM »
1st0.56.49Arthur Doyle Dooleys Cycles RTSenior Male
2nd0.57.09Alistair Robinson Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move WindowsSenior Male
3rd0.58.55Barry McGurk Glasgow Couriers-DB DevelopmentsSenior Male
4 (1stMV)0.59.22James Cusick Glasgow Couriers-DB DevelopmentsVet Male
50.59.53Alan Thomson Glasgow Couriers-DB DevelopmentsSenior Male
6 (2ndMV)1.00.06Gary Robson Gala CCVet Male
7 (3rdMV)1.00.19Joe Wilson Sandy Wallace CyclesVet Male
81.00.44David Caesar Thebicycleworks.comSenior Male
91.01.11Simon Dale Nottingham Clarion CCVet Male
101.01.12Ian King Velocity 44Vet Male
111.02.08Jon Clarke Glasgow WheelersSenior Male
12 (1st J)1.02.17Stuart McCluskey Leslie Bikeshop/ Right Move WindowsJunior Male
131.02.28Kristoff Aksnes Glasgow WheelersSenior Male
14 (2nd J)1.02.51Jack Barrett Stirling Bike Club (time incl's 10s start penalty)Junior Male
151.02.53Oliver Young Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Male
161.03.02Jeremy Smith Kelso Wheelers CCVet Male
171.03.11Ross Laidlaw Kelso Wheelers CCSenior Male
181.03.32Paul McInally Rock & Road CyclesSenior Male
191.03.48kenny Kentley Velo EcosseVet Male
201.04.30Graham Moore Velocity 44 StirlingVet Male
211.04.31Paul Friel Glasgow Couriers-DB DevelopmentsVet Male
221.04.34Stuart Macleod Thebicycleworks.comSenior Male
231.04.39Brian Duncan Granite City RTSenior Male
241.04.40Lee Whitelaw Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Male
251.04.52Graham Jones Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
261.04.53Jonny May Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
271.05.01David Walker Kelso Wheelers CCVet Male
281.05.15Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CCSenior Male
291.05.16Andrew Rowat MusselburghVet Male
301.05.41Andrew Kirkland Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
311.05.41Paul Gibson Ayr Roads / Harry Fairbairn CCSenior Male
32 (1st W)1.05.50Jessica Wilson-Young Edinburgh Road ClubVet Female
331.05.50Ben Mitchell Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
341.06.20Dougie Young Endura/ Pedal Power Develop't TeamSenior Male
351.06.39Ian Pearson Gala CCVet Male
361.06.48Douglas Kirkham MusselburghVet Male
371.07.02Keith Morrison Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
381.07.02John Anderson Glasgow Couriers-DB DevelopmentsVet Male
391.07.09Greig Walker Club Velo MoulinSenior Male
401.07.40Scott Patterson Sandy Wallace CyclesSenior Male
411.07.41David Prichard Kennoway Road ClubVet Male
421.07.44Alan Solway Kennoway Road ClubVet Male
431.07.51Andrew Davies Thebicycleworks.comVet Male
441.08.13Eric Easton Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
451.08.19Neil Campbell Ayr Roads / Harry Fairbairn CCSenior Male
461.08.30Chris Thomson Senior Male
471.08.57John Johnstone Team IcarusVet Male
48 (1stYB)1.09.17Sean Noon Edinburgh RC / Martin Currie RTYouth A Male
491.09.21Andrew Nicell Velo EcosseSenior Male
501.09.39David Gally Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
511.10.28Colin Russell Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
521.10.31Martyn Davidson L & B Racing and Training CCSenior Male
531.10.32Nugent Tony East Kilbride RCVet Male
541.10.35Andy Laing Musselburgh Roads CCVet Male
55 (2ndYB)1.10.57Hamish Carrick Edinburgh RC / Martin Currie RTYouth A Male
561.11.15Buchanan Paterson Stirling BCSenior Male
57 (2nd W)1.11.26Katie Wylie Falkirk BCVet Female
581.11.36Kim McGillivray Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
591.11.56Richard Bruton n/aSenior Male
601.12.06Keith Armstrong Glasgow Nightingale CCSenior Male
611.12.21Andrew Brown Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
621.12.23Andrew Sinclair Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
631.12.32Chris Bryant Get Lost CollectiveSenior Male
641.13.05Scott Bell Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
65 (3rd W)1.13.14Jennifer Lang Edinburgh Road ClubVet Female
661.13.35Vicky Ware Velo Club Moulin 
671.13.49Warren Crombie Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Male
681.13.55Chris Allen Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
691.14.15Sandy Wallace Sandy Wallace CyclesVet Male
701.14.36Alison Morton Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Female
711.14.38Ben Vogelsang Edinburgh Road ClubVet Male
721.14.49Aleksandra Szyszczakiewicz Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Female
731.15.14Rosemary Byde Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Female
741.15.26Alexander Aitchison Berwick Wheelers CCVet Male
751.15.40Bill Hamilton Gala CCVet Male
761.15.55Katia Hiersemenzel Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Female
771.16.16Isobel Joiner Edinburgh Road ClubSenior Female
78 (1stYG)1.16.57Louise Borthwick Edinburgh RC / Martin Currie RTYouth A Female
791.17.48Katie Carmichael HerveloSenior Female
801.18.50Maddy Robinson Velo Club MoulinSenior Female
811.18.58Sandra Murdoch Edinburgh Road ClubVet Female
82 (3rd J)1.24.35Keir Greatorex Edinburgh RC / Martin Currie RTJunior Male
831.25.05Stephen Foley Fife Century RCSenior Male


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Re: Tour of the Meldons 17th April 2011 Results
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2011, 11:34:10 AM »
Thanks for organising Stephen, and thanks to ALL the helpers who helped make it happen.
Club champion 2 years in a row.

Thats free wheeling champion!

Dont mess.


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Re: Tour of the Meldons 17th April 2011 Results
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2011, 06:07:44 PM »
Fantastic result by Kirky.  1:05:41 - and ahead of Jessica.  What a transformation!  Just shows the wonders that the British Cycling setup can do for a rider!

Well done.   ;)


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Re: Tour of the Meldons 17th April 2011 Results
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2011, 06:36:36 PM »
Far from suggesting that Kirky's not an honest guy, I'm sure I passed number 27 in the Blythe Bridge area!



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Re: Tour of the Meldons 17th April 2011 Results
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2011, 07:34:47 PM »
Kirky was swearing at us all on the last climb up to the finish, obviously not trying enough!!!  ;D ;D ;D


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