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Author Topic: The Scottish Cycling Ingliston Crit Series 3 Results  (Read 3859 times)


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The Scottish Cycling Ingliston Crit Series 3 Results
« on: May 02, 2011, 03:40:23 PM »
The Womens event within the Go Race was set off separately to the mens and seemed to work well until the leading men caught the womens peleton and towed them back to the breakaway leaders in the womens event.  This will be monitored closely in event 4 this Thursday to prevent a repeat.  Please note the final event in the series is on Sat 14 May and will have a completely separate womens race.  

Note: Youth D girls result now updated

Scottish Cycling Ingliston Series Round 3  28 April 2011      
First Division Race      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Eddie Addis   Velo Ecosse
2   Richard McDonald   Stirling Bike Club
3   Neil Taylor   Edinburgh RC
4   Martin Lonie
5   Paul Newnham   Team Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move Windows
6   Ross Crook   Edinburgh RC
7   David Lindsay   The Bicycleworks
8   Allan Clark   Sandy Wallace Cycles
9   Franco Porco   GJS racing
10   Dale McCallum   The Bicycleworks
11   Gary McCrae   Team Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move Windows
12   Ian King   Velocity 44
13   Angus Elliott   Edinburgh Uni CC
14   Geoffrey Martin   Nevis Cycles RT
15   Calum Maclean   Edinburgh RC
16   Joe Larner   Edinburgh RC
17   Cameron Milne   Team Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move Windows
18   Steve Canney   Edinburgh RC
19   John  Owen   Bicycle Works
20   Scott McCallum   Unattached
21   Marc Austin   Fusion Tri
22   Keith Malcom   Unattached
23   Colin Russell   Edinburgh RC
24   Craig McWilliams   Hardie Bikes
Sprint 1 - Martin Lonie, Ross Crook, Oliver Young      
Sprint 2 - Martin Lonie, Paul Newnham, Ross Crook      

Go Race      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Jarlath Flynn   Edinburgh RC
2   Mats Alfsen   Edinburgh RC
3   Ian McKinley   Edinburgh RC
4   Ayrton Pellet   Edinburgh RC
5   Wilson Kane   East Kilbride RC
6   Roger Crawford   Unattached
7   Greg White    Law Wheelers
8   Chris McLean   Peebles CC
9   David Hamill   Pedal Power RT
10   Andrew Bothwell   Edinburgh RC
11   Matthew Allen   Edinburgh RC
12   Andrew Abbess   Stirling Bike Club
13   Graeme Scott   Edinburgh RC
14   John Reid   Stirling Bike Club
15   Robin Millar   Edinburgh RC
16   Rider with no number   #N/A
17   David Stanners   Edinburgh RC
18   Scott McDairmid   Sandy Wallace Cycles
19   Scott Ross   Pedal Power RT
20   Grant Thomson   Stirling Bike Club
21   Stephen Doherty   Law Wheelers
22   Jack  Wood   EUCC
23   John Mccomisky   Edinburgh RC
Sprint 1 - Mats Alfsen, Ayrton Pellet, Scott McDairmid      
Sprint 2 - Scott McDairmid, Roger Crawford, Mats Alfsen      

Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Natalie Milne   Team Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move Windows
2   Jo Merritt   Edinburgh RC
3   Brenda Callander   Stirling Bike Club
4   Jenny Stanning   Edinburgh RC
5   Lesley Ingram   Glentress Riderz
6   Maddy Robinson   Velo Club Moulin
7   Aleksandra Szyszlakiewicz   Edinburgh RC
8   Denise Schofield   Unattached
9   Katia Hiersemenzel   Edinburgh RC
10   Sharon Bird   Unattached
11   Claire Martin   Hervelo
12   Fiona Walker   Walkers CC
Sprint1 - Jenny Stanning, Natalie Milne, Jo Merritt       
Sprint 2 - Jo Merritt, Natalie Milne, Lesley Ingram      

Youth A Boys      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Calum Foster   Team Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move Windows
2   Stewart Wilcox   I-Cycles
3   Ross Wilcox   I Cycles
4   Kyle Petrie   Stirling Bike Club
5   Craig Owen   Sandy Wallace Cycles
6   wotyek kosciuscko   Ythan CC
7   Josh Murchie   Stirling Tri Club
8   Fraser Martin   Perth United CC
9   Hector Lancaster   Perth United CC
10   Thomas Imrie   Edinburgh RC
Sprint 1 – Stewart Wilcox, Kyle Petrie, Connor Telfer      
Sprint 2 – Kyle Petrie, Calum Foster, Stewart Wilcox      

Youth A Girls      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Lucy Grant   Peebles CC
2   Louise Borthwick   Edinburgh RC Martin Currie RT
3   Flora Gillies   Peebles CC
4   Catherine Angus   Sandy Wallace Cycles
5   Kate Johnston   Edinburgh RC
6   Isla Short   Peebles CC
Sprint – Louise Borthwick, Lucy Grant, Flora Gillies      

Youth B Boys      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Francis Webb   Edinburgh RC Martin Currie RT
2   Matthew Peters   Wallace Warriors
3   Jack Crombie   Carnegie Cyclones
4   Rhys Donnelly   Glasgow Riderz
5   Ben Forsyth   Edinburgh RC
6   Lewis Champion   Perth United CC
7   Calum McGowan   Peebles CC
8   Sam MacNeil   Peebles CC
9   Mark McGuire   Tay Titans
10   Ross Nicoll   Edinburgh RC Martin Currie RT
11   John MacLeod   ERC
12   Calum Grant   Peebles CC
Sprint – Francis Webb, Lewis Champion, Sam MacNeil      

Youth B Girls      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Lulu Bartlett   Edinburgh RC Martin Currie RT
2   Emma Borthwick   Edinburgh RC Martin Currie RT
3   Erika Allen   Stirling Bike Club
4   Eve Hanlon Cole   Peebles CC
Sprint – Lulu Bartlett, Emma Borthwick, Erika Allen      
Youth C Boys      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Joe Nally   Carnegie Cyclones
2   Calum Fernie   Edinburgh RC
3   Sean Flynn   Edinburgh Road Club
4   Tom Aitken   Peebles CC
5   Ryan Ewing   West Lothian Clarion
6   Alistair Abbess   Wallace Warriors

Youth C Girls      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Rhona Callander   Wallace Warriors
2   Helen Mitchell   Wallace Warriors
3   Katie Allen   Wallace Warriors
4   Ellie Park   Glasgow Riderz
5   Erin MacInnes   Edinburgh RC

Youth D Boys      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Callum Reid   Wallace Warriors
2   Toby Dawson   Unattached
3   Alex Ball   West Lothian Clarion
4   Robert Fernie   Edinburgh RC
5   Louis Moore   Edinburgh RC

Youth D Girls      
Position   Name   Club/Team
1   Anna McGorum   Peebles CC
2   Emma Forsyth   Edinburgh RC Martin Currie RT
3   Keanna MacInnes   Edinburgh RC Martin Currie RT
4   Elena McGorum   Peebles CC
5   Catherine Mitchell   Wallace Warriors
6   Anna Flynn   Edinburgh Road Club
7   Catherine Abbess   Wallace Warriors

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Re: The Scottish Cycling Ingliston Crit Series 3 Results
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Two events in the series to go and all to play for in most of the categories.

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