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Author Topic: Ian McCulloch Memorial TT 2011  (Read 3088 times)


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Ian McCulloch Memorial TT 2011
« on: September 01, 2011, 01:09:46 PM »
Congratulations to Ken Russell on a great time and dominant performance in winning this year's Ian McCulloch Memorial Trophy and in doing so becoming Club TT Champion for 2011.

Congratulations also to Alexa Mair for taking a keenly contested 1st Lady Prize and to Sean Noon for another great effort to take top spot (just) from amongst a big turn-out of the Youth section.

Neil Taylor added to his 3rd Overall by winning the "Athlete's Prize" for best time on a standard road bike.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out on the night and to all 38 who rode and made this a great way to end the Kirky 10 Season.  Hope to see you all in May next year! 

Place,Start No,Name,Time,Prize
1,31,Ken Russell,22:17,Winner
2,30,Dave Moran,23:27,2nd
3,35,Neil Taylor,23:55,3rd + Athlete's Prize
4,25,Dermot Bailie,24:00,
5,29,Alex Hilliam,24:14,
6,38,Calum Maclean,24:25,
7,36,Jonny May,24:37,
8,22,Sean Noon,24:50,1st Youth
9,8,Stuart Balfour,24:54,2nd Youth
10,14,Andrew Bothwell,24:58,
11,3,Georges Avraam,25:20,
12,21,Keith Morrison,25:34,
13,19,Dougal Allan,25:38,
14,27,Colin Russell,25:51,
15,5,Rob Bloor,25:56,
16,7,Francis Webb,25:56,3rd Youth
17,32,Richard Hooper,26:06,
18,10,Warren Crombie,26:14,
19,15,Graeme Scott,26:42,
20,17,Scott Bell,26:50,
21,9,Ian Dobbie,26:56,
22,24,Ben Forsyth,26:57,
23,34,Eric Easton,26:57,
24,4,John McComisky,26:59
25,37,Sam McNab,27:17,
26,16,Alexa Mair,27:19, 1st Lady
27,6,Louise Borthwick,27:23,2nd Lady
28,23,Keith Forsyth,27:31,
29,18,Tom Kiely,27:46,
30,13,Roddy McRae,28:50,
31,20,Matthias Barnet,28:51,
32,28,Keir Greatorex,29:12,
33,12,Joe Stevenson,29:17,
34,33,Chris Marshall,30:38,
35,2,Gerry Clement,31:04,
36,11,Gillian Stevenson,31:44,3rd Lady
37,26,Sean Cook,31:48,
38,1,Charlie Clement,34:03,
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Re: Ian McCulloch Memorial TT 2011
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2011, 08:50:41 PM »
Well done to everyone who turned out last night, and many thanks to Dougal and everyone else who has been involved in organising and running the Kirky 10s this year. As an occasional participant, I appreciate the consistent support that the TT volunteers provide.

Thanks also to the Tri-centre for providing my prize. I am looking uncharacteristically stylish in my new Oakley sunglasses. The last pair of Oakleys I owned date from the previous century and looked like this:

I just worked out that these are substantially older than some of the riders competing last night...


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Re: Ian McCulloch Memorial TT 2011
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2011, 10:23:09 AM »
As Dougal said, the Youth times were very close, with Sean just pipping "Wee Stuarty" Balfour by only 4 seconds...and, it must be said, that it was the wee mans very first Kirky !

A great ride by Stuart, and how fast will he be next year, once he knows his way round the course  ;D

Also a great effort by Louise Borthwick, who was only 4 secs behind Alexa.......Lou had the misfortune of a car stopping right in front of her, just as she was getting ready to go...Which must have put her off her stride.

Well done to all the  other Youths too.


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