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Author Topic: Results from Tour of the Meldons 15th April 2012  (Read 4166 times)


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Results from Tour of the Meldons 15th April 2012
« on: April 18, 2012, 12:14:01 PM »
1st Youth B Male : Mattias Barnet (ERC)
1st Youth A Male : Hamish Carrick (ERC)
1st Junior Male : Ayrton Pellet (ERC)
1st Junior Female : Louise Borthwick (ERC)
1st Female Vet : Katherine Wren (Stirling BC)

1st Female : Victoria Wade (VC Moulin)
2nd Female : Sarah Gleave (Club Vortex RT)
3rd Female : Louise Haston (City of Edinburgh)

1st Male Vet : Simon Dale (Nottingham Clarion)
2nd Male Vet : Gary Robson (Gala CC)
3rd Male Vet : Ian King (Velocity 44 Stirling)

1st Male team : Equipe Velo Ecosse

1st male : Jim Cusick (Glasgow Couriers)
2nd male : Eddie Addis (Equipe Velo Ecosse)
3rd male : Alan Thomson (Sandy Wallace)

Please see the times below:-

Race No   Forename   Surname   Club   Cat   Time
1   Matthias   Barnet   ERC Martin Currie Race Team   Youth B Male   01:08:56
2   Daniel   Curran   Dunfermline cycling club   Junior Male   DNS
3   Keith   Armstrong   Glasgow Nightingale CC   Senior Male   01:06:06
4   John   Macleod   Edinburgh Road Club   Youth B Male   01:27:20
5   Gabriella   Nordin   Sandy Wallace   Senior Female   DNS
6   Jesse   Finch Gnehm      Senior Male   01:01:57
7   Hamish   Carrick   Edinburgh Road Club/Marin Curry Race Team   Youth A Male   01:00:58
8   maddy   robinson   Velo Club Moulin   Senior Female   01:10:31
9   Sean   Noon   Edinburgh RC / MCRT   Youth A Male   01:01:04
10   Neil   Laing   Edinburgh RC   Senior Male   01:08:16
11   warren   crombie   City of Edinburgh RC   Senior Male   01:05:36
12   stuart   balfour   ERC Martin Currie Race Team   Youth A Male   01:01:03
13   Katherine   Wren   Stirling BC   Veteran Female   01:13:34
14   Ben   Forsyth   ERC / MARTIN CURRIE RACE TEAM   Youth A Male   DNS
15   James   MacDonald   City of Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   01:05:49
16   Louise   Borthwick   Edinburgh RC   Junior Female   01:09:57
17   Stuart   Macleod   Veteran Male   01:01:05
18   Keir   Greatorex   ERC   Junior Male   01:42:37
19   Louise   Haston   City of Edinburgh RC   Senior Female   01:08:21
20   Brian   Donaldson   Edinburgh Road Club   Veteran Male   01:10:27
21   Kevin   Chalmers   Peebles CC   Veteran Male   01:17:31
22   Thomas   Imrie   Edinburgh RC   Youth A Male   01:18:41
23   Ayrton   Pellet   Edinburgh RC   Junior Male   01:04:15
24   Keith   Morrison   Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   01:01:16
25   Jason   Barnes   Glasgow Nightingale CC   Senior Male   0:58:35
26   Eric   Easton   Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   DNF
27   David   Caesar   Senior Male   0:58:19
28   Joanne   Thom   Edinburgh RC   Senior Female   01:16:03
29   Lettie   Chambers   Stirling Bike Club   Senior Female   01:13:43
30   Simon   Dale   Nottingham Clarion CC   Veteran Male   0:56:27
31   stephen   couper   glasgow united cc   Senior Male   00:58:24
32   Colin   Russell   Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   01:09:23
33   Kenneth   Armstrong   Ayr Roads CC   Senior Male   DNS
34   lee   whitelaw   ERC   Senior Male   00:58:55
35   andrew   davies   Veteran Male   00:58:58
36   Bill   Hamilton   Gala CC   Veteran Male   01:09:01
37   ian   mckinlay   Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   01:06:17
38   DAVID   WALKER   Kelso Wheelers   Veteran Male   00:59:05
39   DAVID   MARTIN      Veteran Male   01:19:41
40   Ian   King   Velocity 44 Stirling   Veteran Male   00:57:00
41   David   Gally   Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   01:04:11
42   Graeme   Stewart   Ronde Bicycle Outfitters   Senior Male   01:04:26
43   Douglas   Kirkham   Musselburgh CC   Veteran Male   01:01:53
44   Scott   McDiarmid   Shutt Velo Rapide   Veteran Male   DNS
45   Craig   McCulloch   Velo Ecosse   Senior Male   00:57:00
46   Rosemary   Byde   Edinburgh RC   Senior Female   01:09:10
47   John   Woodrow   Sandy Wallace Cycles   Senior Male   01:01:00
48   Dominic   Hines      Veteran Male   00:59:40
49   Paul   Friel      Veteran Male   00:58:43
50   Tom   Ward   Edinburgh Road Club   Senior Male   DNS
51   alexander   aitchison   berwick wheelers   Veteran Male   DNS
52   Sarah   Gleave   Club Vortex RT   Veteran Female   01:07:13
53   Tony   Reidy   Team lesliebikeshop/rightmove windows   Senior Male   01:02:15
54   Eddie   Addis   Equipe Velo Ecosse   Senior Male   00:52:56
55   Andrew   Wilson   Stirling Bike Club   Senior Male   00:56:15
56   Graeme   Lawrie   Gala Cycling Club   Veteran Male   01:01:25
57   Raymond   Reidy   Lesliebikeshop/right move windows   Veteran Male   01:02:29
58   Barry   McGurk   Glasgow Couriers   Senior Male   00:56:25
59   Jim   Meek   Team Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move Windows   Veteran Male   01:01:34
60   Tony   Curran   Dunfermline cycling club   Veteran Male   01:04:29
61   Victoria   Ware   VC Moulin   Senior Female   01:04:43
62   Graham   Barclay   Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows   Veteran Male   01:00:29
63   Andy   Laing   Musselburgh RCC   Veteran Male   01:04:36
64   michael   robb      Senior Male   00:59:07
65   Scott   Newman   Inverclyde Velo   Senior Male   00:58:51
66   Doug   Wightman   Fife Century   Veteran Male   01:11:02
67   mark   leadbetter   stirling bike club   Veteran Male   01:03:21
68   Graham   Jones   Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   01:01:31
69   Duncan   Ball   Musselburgh RCC   Veteran Male   01:02:55
70   Finlay   Young   Equipe velo ecosse / montpelliers   Senior Male   00:56:27
71   Andrew   Kirkland   Edinburgh RC   Veteran Male   DNF
72   Alistair   Robinson   Team Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move Windows   Senior Male   00:53:38
73   Ken   Armstrong      Veteran Male   00:56:03
74   Colin   Bark   Vortex RT-Holmes Millar-Careth-Solidrock   Senior Male   01:04:10
75   neil   muir   edinburgh rc   Veteran Male   01:04:51
76   IAN   PEARSON   GALA.C.C   Veteran Male   00:59:07
77   Ian   Wallace   Edinburgh RC   Senior Male   01:03:57
78   Andy   Strathdee   Nevis Cycles RT   Veteran Male   DNS
79   Douglas   Shearer   Innerleithen MTB Racing / iCycles   Senior Male   01:05:10
80   Alan   Thomson   Sandy Wallace Cycles   Senior Male   00:53:08
81   Andrew   Bothwell   Edinburgh Road Club   Veteran Male   01:04:06
82   gary   robson   gala c.c   Veteran Male   00:56:48
83   John   Anderson   Glasgow Couriers   Veteran Male   DNS
85   Richard   Hooper   Edinburgh RC   Senior Male   DNS
86   David   Johnston   Gala CC   Veteran Male   01:05:12
87   Paul   McInally   ROCK & ROAD CYCLES   Senior Male   00:57:17
88   Kenny   Kentley   Equipe Velo Ecosse Montpeliers   Veteran Male   00:57:50
89   Jeremy   Greengrass   Vortex RT-Holmes Millar-Careth-Solidrock   Veteran Male   01:00:05
90   Les   Ross   Edinburgh RC   Senior Male   01:01:45
91   Mark   Baugh   Stirling Bike Club   Senior Male   00:59:00
92   Richard   McDonald   Senior Male   00:57:14
94   James   Cusick   Glasgow Couriers   Veteran Male   00:52:40
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Re: Results from Tour of the Meldons 15th April 2012
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2012, 01:23:44 PM »
Slow day at work, so here's a sorted by time version (part 1)...

PositionRace NoForenameSurnameClubCatTime
194JamesCusickGlasgow CouriersVeteran Male00:52:40
254EddieAddisEquipe Velo EcosseSenior Male00:52:56
380AlanThomsonSandy Wallace CyclesSenior Male00:53:08
472AlistairRobinsonTeam Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move WindowsSenior Male00:53:38
573KenArmstrongVeteran Male00:56:03
655AndrewWilsonStirling CCSenior Male00:56:15
758BarryMcGurkGlasgow CouriersSenior Male00:56:25
830SimonDaleNottingham Clarion CCVeteran Male00:56:27
970FinlayYoungEquipe Velo Ecosse / MontpelliersSenior Male00:56:27
1082garyrobsonGala CCVeteran Male00:56:48
1140IanKingVelocity 44 StirlingVeteran Male00:57:00
1245CraigMcCullochVelo EcosseSenior Male00:57:00
1392RichardMcDonaldwww.dooleys-cycles.comSenior Male00:57:14
1487PaulMcInallyROCK & ROAD CYCLESSenior Male00:57:17
1588KennyKentleyEquipe Velo Ecosse / MontpelliersVeteran Male00:57:50
1627DavidCaesarthebicycleworks.comSenior Male00:58:19
1731stephencouperglasgow united CCSenior Male00:58:24
1825JasonBarnesGlasgow Nightingale CCSenior Male00:58:35
1949PaulFrielVeteran Male00:58:43
2065ScottNewmanInverclyde VeloSenior Male00:58:51
2134leewhitelawERCSenior Male00:58:55
2235andrewdaviesThebicycleworks.comVeteran Male00:58:58
2391MarkBaughStirling BCSenior Male00:59:00
2438DAVIDWALKERKelso WheelersVeteran Male00:59:05
2564michaelrobbSenior Male00:59:07
2676IANPEARSONGALA.C.CVeteran Male00:59:07
2748DominicHinesVeteran Male00:59:40
2889JeremyGreengrassVortex RT-Holmes Millar-Careth-SolidrockVeteran Male01:00:05
2962GrahamBarclayTeam Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move WindowsVeteran Male01:00:29
307HamishCarrickERC Martin Currie Race TeamYouth A Male01:00:58
3147JohnWoodrowSandy Wallace CyclesSenior Male01:01:00
3212stuartbalfourERC Martin Currie Race TeamYouth A Male01:01:03
339SeanNoonERC Martin Currie Race TeamYouth A Male01:01:04
3417StuartMacleodthebicycleworks.comVeteran Male01:01:05
3524KeithMorrisonEdinburgh RCVeteran Male01:01:16
3656GraemeLawrieGala CCVeteran Male01:01:25
3768GrahamJonesEdinburgh RCVeteran Male01:01:31
3859JimMeekTeam Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move WindowsVeteran Male01:01:34
3990LesRossEdinburgh RCSenior Male01:01:45
4043DouglasKirkhamMusselburgh CCVeteran Male01:01:53
416JesseFinch GnehmSenior Male01:01:57
4253TonyReidyTeam Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move WindowsSenior Male01:02:15
4357RaymondReidyTeam Leslie Bikeshop - Right Move WindowsVeteran Male01:02:29
4469DuncanBallMusselburghVeteran Male01:02:55
4567markleadbetterStirling BCVeteran Male01:03:21
4677IanWallaceEdinburgh RCSenior Male01:03:57
4781AndrewBothwellEdinburgh Road ClubVeteran Male01:04:06
4874ColinBarkVortex RT-Holmes Millar-Careth-SolidrockSenior Male01:04:10
4941DavidGallyEdinburgh RCVeteran Male01:04:11
5023AyrtonPelletEdinburgh RCJunior Male01:04:15
5142GraemeStewartRonde Bicycle OutfittersSenior Male01:04:26


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Re: Results from Tour of the Meldons 15th April 2012
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2012, 01:24:50 PM »
And part 2...

PositionRace NoForenameSurnameClubCatTime
5260TonyCurranDunfermline CCVeteran Male01:04:29
5363AndyLaingMusselburgh RCCVeteran Male01:04:36
5461VictoriaWareVC MoulinSenior Female01:04:43
5575neilmuiredinburghVeteran Male01:04:51
5679DouglasShearerInnerleithen MTB Racing / iCyclesSenior Male01:05:10
5786DavidJohnstonGala CCVeteran Male01:05:12
5811warrencrombieCity of Edinburgh RCSenior Male01:05:36
5915JamesMacDonaldCity of Edinburgh RCVeteran Male01:05:49
603KeithArmstrongGlasgow Nightingale CCSenior Male01:06:06
6137ianmckinlayEdinburgh RCVeteran Male01:06:17
6252SarahGleaveClub Vortex RTVeteran Female01:07:13
6310NeilLaingEdinburgh RCSenior Male01:08:16
6419LouiseHastonCity of Edinburgh RCSenior Female01:08:21
651MatthiasBarnetERC Martin Currie Race TeamYouth B Male01:08:56
6636BillHamiltonGala CCVeteran Male01:09:01
6746RosemaryBydeEdinburgh RCSenior Female01:09:10
6832ColinRussellEdinburgh RCVeteran Male01:09:23
6916LouiseBorthwickEdinburgh RCJunior Female01:09:57
7020BrianDonaldsonEdinburgh Road ClubVeteran Male01:10:27
718maddyrobinsonVelo Club MoulinSenior Female01:10:31
7266DougWightmanFife CenturyVeteran Male01:11:02
7313KatherineWrenStirling BCVeteran Female01:13:34
7429LettieChambersStirling BCSenior Female01:13:43
7528JoanneThomEdinburgh RCSenior Female01:16:03
7621KevinChalmersPeebles CCVeteran Male01:17:31
7722ThomasImrieEdinburgh RCYouth A Male01:18:41
7839DAVIDMARTINVeteran Male01:19:41
794JohnMacleodEdinburgh Road ClubYouth B Male01:27:20
8018KeirGreatorexERCJunior Male01:42:37
8126EricEastonEdinburgh RCVeteran MaleDNF
8271AndrewKirklandEdinburgh RCVeteran MaleDNF
832DanielCurranDunfermline CCJunior MaleDNS
845GabriellaNordinSandy Wallace CyclesSenior FemaleDNS
8514BenForsythERC Martin Currie Race TeamYouth A MaleDNS
8633KennethArmstrongAyr Roads CCSenior MaleDNS
8744ScottMcDiarmidShutt Velo RapideVeteran MaleDNS
8850TomWardEdinburgh Road ClubSenior MaleDNS
8951alexanderaitchisonBerwick WheelersVeteran MaleDNS
9078AndyStrathdeeNevis Cycles RTVeteran MaleDNS
9183JohnAndersonGlasgow CouriersVeteran MaleDNS
9285RichardHooperEdinburgh RCSenior MaleDNS


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Re: Results from Tour of the Meldons 15th April 2012
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2012, 09:01:35 AM »
Many thanks to Steven and his merry band of helpers for putting on a great event.
You seem to be an expert. - GeoAngus


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