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Author Topic: Lothian Flyer RR 2013  (Read 4691 times)

Jonny May

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Lothian Flyer RR 2013
« on: July 27, 2013, 05:55:29 PM »

Pedal Power's William Stokes receives the Lothian Flyer cup.

Position   Race No.   Forename   Surname   Club / Team Name
1   53   William   Stokes   Pedal Power RT
2   38   Blair   Martin   Falkirk Bicycle Club
3   51   David   Stephen   Stirling Bike Club
4   19   Calum   Gray   Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers
5   47   Andrew   Scholes   West Lothian Clarion CC
6   42   Chris   McLean   Gala Cycling Club
7   32   David   Laurie   Glasgow Nightingale CC
8   60   Bill   Wilkie   Edinburgh RC
9   35   James   MacDonald   Edinburgh RC
10   57   Peter   Wakely   Edinburgh RC
11   29   Simon   Kirkness
12   25   Andrew   Keba   Edinburgh RC
13   40   Richard   McGhee   Vortex Race Team
14   20   Keith   Greenwood   West Lothian Clarion CC
15   56   Charles   Vincent   Walkers Cycling Club
16   16   Jarlath   Flynn   Edinburgh RC
17   37   Oscar   Marletta   VC Glasgow South
18   14   Iain   Elliott   West Lothian Clarion CC
19   41   Alastair   McGibbon   Ayr Roads Cycling Club
20   21   James   Howard   ActivCycles-Corbridge RT
21   33   Kris   Lindsay   Edinburgh RC
22   7   Tim   Caine   Berwick Wheelers CC
23   12   John   Dunlop   Loudoun RC
24   39   Alan   Maxwell   Pedal Power RT
25   2   Dougal   Allan   Edinburgh RC
26   13   Ross   Dymock   Glasgow Green Cycle Club
27   6   Neil   Brown   Pedal Power RT
28   44   Lauri   Peil   Edinburgh RC
29   61   Stuart   Dun   Edinburgh University CC
30   59   Kelvin   White   Deeside Thistle CC
31   22   Gordon   Jackson   Hawick CC
32   34   Christopher   Lockhart   Fife Cycling 2000
33   48   Neil   Scott   Aberdeen University CC
34   55   Nicholas   Trowell   Edinburgh RC
35   63   Andrew   Scorey   Berwick Wheelers CC
36   50   Jason   Smith   Glasgow Green
37   15   Simon   Fairfull   Velo Club Moulin
38   10   Steve   Dauncey   Edinburgh RC
39   62   Chris   Banks   Edinburgh University CC
40   3   Robert   Anderson   Fife Cycling 2000
41   24   Steven   Keay   Pedal Power RT


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Re: Lothian Flyer RR 2013
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2013, 09:15:45 PM »
Thanks to Jonny and all those involved in putting on todays race, first class organisation as always.
Thanks folks.

jim welsh

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Re: Lothian Flyer RR 2013
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2013, 08:32:13 AM »
The Falkirk boy looks a bit peeved!
*kiss my pedals*


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Re: Lothian Flyer RR 2013
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2013, 09:14:25 AM »
Well my depression of ending up in the grass on the side of the road  in the same chain reaction of events that causedERC squad member  Kris to lose out is slightly easing now .

I am not normally too upset by these things I  just  pass them off as racing incidents, but seeing as I peaked   for this race and it all went to plan until the last 1.5 km.

I was watching the main contenders from   about 3 laps to go and all were looking like they were hurting nicely ….. .

An amazing team effort by our V8 engine  Lauri pulled back a solo effort by a strong rider and then proceded to get Kris and I to the tricky last hairpin bend ( about 2.5km to go) in the top 10  perfect  position for my plan to attack about 800 meters from home.
I was fresh as a daisy having kept my self out of the action for the entire race. That is  first for me  not getting involved in breaks or chasing down moves … normally I am fatigued and don’t have the legs at  the end to challenge for top stop.   This time it was different . …..ok let s go win this thing
Then something very odd happened…. The first 8 riders lined 4 x 4 across the road and slowed to a ridicules pace.  I was sitting in the 3rd row back waiting for a gap to appear,  but no worries there still was  about 2 km to get through…. 1km to go …..nope,  still nothing . Lads were going down into the small chain ring it was going so slow …. This was a disaster. A road race coasting   along at 11mph with less then a km to go. And to add insult to injury our lead out man lauir who burned himself into the ground and was dropped  2km previously with his job done managed to get back onto the bunch.

So finally with the decent just before the final hill the pace got going…. My problem was I was still in 8th or 9th but the 4 across the road scenario  was still there …and it stayed that way  with no one able to get through the gap legally. Well unfortunately a swerve to the right by a rider put  my  team mate Kris across my path which  in turn put me on to the grass and I had to clip out to avoid hitting the ditch. Bill also got put to the  side by my antics but he managed to get going quicker then me….. and finished 8th.  In the panic of clipping out  I managed to cramp up my calf which meant the last 20 meters were one leg pedals and by that time I rolled  in 16th.

The ERC squad had a good race( up until the very end that is )  with  Lauri demonstrating  what it means to be a team mate by getting Kris and I to the hill in the top 10.  Clap that man the next time you see him out on the road

Well done to the ERC members who achieved a top 10 and to the worthy winner of the race

Really disappointing finish for me  personally seeing as  so many ERC  members came out to support and help make the race happen  and knowing that  old feeling “what could have been”

On the plus side what an awesome event, the sun was shining ,  Jonny May and the ERC team put on a great event and the riders in the race were a great bunch of guys.
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