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Author Topic: British Cycling National Masters Track Championships 2016  (Read 1616 times)

Colin Mackenzie

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My 5th year racing at this Championship down in sunny Wales. This year - I finally got there without any gym injuries :-) and I had also moved up an age group which meant I was doing the shorter 2 lap time trial, rather than 750ms, which I was looking forward to - the shorter, the better! And even the journey down to the Velodrome in Newport Wales was relatively traffic jam free, except for the last leg where the road was bunged up with Beyoncé fans (I was tempted to follow them - but thought I should actually race the weekend).

DAY ONE: Match Sprint – Result 4th

Got to the velodrome at 9am and did my usual warmup routine ready for the long day ahead - depending on how far you progress, that is. I was off mid-field again for qualifying, my run up was OK, but got my line wrong toward the 200 start and spent a good chunk of time on the red line. You would think I would have this nailed by now - the shortest way around the track is on the black-line. Still not consistent enough yet. I finished in 12.160 which is what I do at Glasgow on training tyres and no aero kit. This placed me 7th, so it would be a tough first round, due to the way sprint qualifying works, fastest against slowest for the initial round.

Round 1:
I was in a 3-up against Stephen ASLIN and OWENS. Our times were close, so this was going to be more of a fight to control. I drew lane 1 and led from front and tried to pin them both high together but had to drop to block ASLIN from going beneath me, leaving OWENS with height - I pushed on slightly to draw him down, ASLIN jumped to get to the front and I took his wheel. Then Owens attached over the top, I followed both until Owens died which left myself and ASLIN head to head for the last 200m - I was creeping past, but just couldn't get there. Stephen just holding me off for the win. A reversal of the last champs we rode in October.

Repechage: This was a 3-up with Ian BARTON (VC Glasgow South) and Paul ASKEY. I drew lane 1 again. Paul wanted the front - so I followed his wheel with Ian behind me. I took height in the straights and marked him waiting for him to jump. He made a move after 375m and I followed and rushed the gap at 210m and went past through the last corner for the win.

Semi Final: Coming back up from the reps isn’t the ideal way to go - since the winners of reps always go back up against the fastest riders. I drew Phil HOULTON - so knew that this was the toughest heat. I drew lane 1 again and took it fairly easy at the start and took height to stall Phil a bit, he tried to force me up to pin me, but I was racing my way and didn’t move and we both clashed bikes, but stayed upright. I let Phil take the front and kept height, he was trying to pin me, but I just stayed level and dropped back to move myself directly of of his view - making it harder for him to see me jump. With 300m to go I gained height and tried to rush his wheel from height through 200m. He was already shifting and I got past part of his back wheel, but no further and he took the win. he was looking good for the final - which he eventually won.

Minor final: This ended up as a 2-up between myself and Paul TURNER - since Stephen ASLIN had retired from the comp. I drew lane 1 again and I just marked his wheel, keeping height on him. He moved from about 250m and I rushed the gap and started to draw alongside through the last corner, but still had to go full gas to take it on the line.

Qualifying times:

Philip HOULTON • 11.236
Chris PYATT • 11.627
Mark WIFFEN • 11.940
Stephen ASLIN • 12.092
Paul TURNER • 12.112
Andrew OWENS • 12.150
Colin MACKENZIE • 12.160
Paul ASKEY • 12.410
Ian BARTON • 12.441
Tony ORRELL • 14.046

DAY TWO: 500m Time Trial – Result 9th

A slightly later start - warming up about 11.00am with 30 min easy on turbo and 3 Rev outs prior to race. I was off first in my group. But I had a shocking start, managing to jump the gate before it released and got caught which moved me sideways and then I wheelspun but managed to stay upright and continued my run -but I had already lost time. I attacked flat out through lap 1 and gave it all through lap 2 then crawled off track to recover. My time was 1.8 seconds slower than I usually do in a 750 TT - so I knew that I was out of the medals with 18 riders to go. Another lesson to be ingrained into the brain for next comp - don't go before the last beep!

500M TT

Philip HOULTON • 34.881
Mark WIFFEN • 35.782
Chris PYATT • 35.897
Andrew OWENS • 36.675
Dean PADLEY • 37.331
Peter ETTLES • 37.425
Steve CLAYTON • 37.758
Robert KENNISON • 37.802
Colin MACKENZIE • 37.887
Timothy LAWSON • 38.125
Stephen ASLIN • 38.145
Paul ASKEY • 38.458
Paul TURNER • 38.514
Ian BARTON • 39.029
Kevin LACKIE • 39.445
Paul JONES • 40.117
Tony ORRELL • 41.440
Neil JOHNSTON • 42.310
Paul CHAMBERS • 42.689

Next Comp up is World Masters - so need to iron out the glitches before then - since this is definitely a tough group. And Good to see Ex ERC stalwart Neil Laing doing all events in his category and volunteering to be my holder during sprints. Also, nice to see Paralympic medalist Jody Cundy doing the kilo in Neil's category.
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Re: British Cycling National Masters Track Championships 2016
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Was nice to see Colin and other familiar faces from my Edinburgh days. Colin did well in the sprinting but it's difficult to  judge a 200m in an unfamiliar track. Need some proper gate start practice as well. Colin wasnt the only one who got the start wrong. Well worth the trip down. I got a complete kicking in all my events but 3 pbs in my first track races for 8 years is not too shabby. Big thanks to Colin for all the advice and ti Fiona Walker for helping with the pursuit timings.
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