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Author Topic: Track Cycling World Masters Championships 2016  (Read 1581 times)

Colin Mackenzie

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Track Cycling World Masters Championships 2016
« on: October 07, 2016, 07:07:35 AM »

I travelled down to Manchester Velodrome for these champs along with a strong contingent of Scottish riders. These champs take place over the entire week and luckily my events took place on Saturday and Monday, so less hassle all round with costs and accommodation. My form wasn't too bad at the moment and I was looking forward to the sprint comp. 

My event was the first of the championships - the 200m qualifying time trial. It's been years since I last trained in Manchester. This is a pursuiters velodrome with long corners and short straights. I was off 11th and got a good run in - almost hitting my comp PB. But times were fast overall and that placed me mid-field - so racing would be tougher today.

200m Qualifying Time Trial
1st Philip Houlton (GBR) 11.018
2nd Victor Shapovalov (RUS) 11.292
3rd Brian Abers (USA) 11.416
4th Thomas Donohue (USA) 11.437
5th Christopher Pyatt (GBR) 11.451
6th Bruno Mery (FRA) 11.782
7th Pascal Chargros (FRA) 11.783
8th Krzysztof Kurzawinski (CAN) 11.823
9th Colin Mackenzie (GBR) 11.879
10th Luis Mario Vegetti (ARG) 11.916
11th Robert Francis (USA) 12.210
12th Ian Barton (GBR) 12.495
13th Mario Muller (RSA) 12.757
14th Markus Imhof (GER) 12.802
15th Michael Koehler (GER) 13.174
16th Christopher Welham (GBR) 14.257

Round 1
I was up against the 2nd fastest rider - the big Russian and the slower German. So I really just had to watch the faster rider and contain him. The German went long but not flat out and I managed to go past him and stall the Russian, keeping him on my hip, higher on the track for the last lap. He blew trying to come over me and I took the win.

1st Colin Mackenzie (GBR) 12.317
2nd Victor Shapovalov (RUS)
3rd Michael Koehler (GER)

Round 2
Another hard heat. Chris rode well in the recent British national masters taking silver, so I would have to make him work. I kept him in check until 250ish and floored it, but ran out of gears to push in final 40m (should have gone larger) and he got the win. So, out of the medal finals, but into minor final.

1st Christopher Pyatt (GBR) 12.041
2nd Colin Mackenzie (GBR)

Minor Final
This was a four-up. These always feels like a keirin, and almost always seems to be a drag race. I slotted into position 2 in order to save energy and watch the other riders. I moved slightly too late in last lap and couldn't quite get to the first Frenchman, so had to settle for 6th.

1st Pascal Chargros (FRA)  12.386
2nd Colin Mackenzie (GBR)
3rd Bruno Mery (FRA)
4th Ian Barton (GBR)

Sprint : Final Standings:

Gold Philip Houlton (GBR)
Silver Brian Abers (USA)
Bronze Thomas Donohue (USA)
4th Christopher Pyatt (GBR)
5th Pascal Chargros (FRA)
6th Colin Mackenzie (GBR)
7th Bruno Mery (FRA)
8th Ian Barton (GBR)

UCI Video (unfortunately not showing the heat I won)

I had one rest day on day two and did a little walking around Manchester, but nothing too stressful. My heat for the TT on day 3 was about 7:30pm. I did my usual warm-up protocol and awaited my heat. I was a bit sluggish out of the gate and 0.6 secs slower than usual on lap one. Hammered it on lap 2, a bit ragged at 400m and moved slightly looking for more power, but nothing left in the tank and finished 1 second slower than usual, placing me down the field a tad. Speeds were incredible for the top three riders. A lot of elite women would like to ride 33 seconds.

Gold Chris Murray (AUS) 33.545
Silver homas Donohue (USA) 34.688
Bronze Brian Abers (USA) 34.694
4th Philip Houlton (GBR) 34.749
5th Victor Shapovalov (RUS) 35.802
6th Mark Wiffen (GBR) 35.960
7th Christopher Pyatt (GBR) 36.004
8th Roberto Dardi (ITA) 36.089
9th Andy Bond (GBR) 36.442
10th Andrew Owens (GBR) 36.605
11th Stephen McNally (IRL) 36.796
12th Pascal Chargros (FRA) 36.859
13th Adrian Ward (GBR) 36.991
14th Colin Mackenzie (GBR) 37.121
15th Krzysztof Kurzawinski (CAN) 37.155
16th Bruno Mery (FRA) 37.220
17th Robert Francis (USA) 37.232
18th Geoffrey Baxter (AUS) 37.345
19th Dean Padley (GBR) 38.039
20th Ian Barton (GBR) 38.317
21st Michael Dega (USA) 38.608
22nd Stephen Davidson (GBR) 38.844
23rd Simon Best (GBR) 39.032
24th Mario Muller (RSA) 39.045
25th Edward MacInnes (GBR) 39.053
26th Markus Imhof (GER) 39.688
27th Roy Plant (GBR) 39.870
28th Michael Koehler (GER) 39.980
29th Peter Selkrig (AUS) 40.505
30th Paul Howell (GBR) 41.508
31st Christopher Welham (GBR) 42.097
32nd Richard Davidson (GBR) 43.367

UCI Video:

So some tough racing - but I was happy overall with my sprinting. Although my TT start needs a little work for my next championship.

I believe Ross Crook was targeting the scratch and points races later in the week - using his road fitness and skills.

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Re: Track Cycling World Masters Championships 2016
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Nice helmet - good rides!!


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