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Author Topic: LVRC National Track Cycling Championships 2016  (Read 1386 times)

Colin Mackenzie

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LVRC National Track Cycling Championships 2016
« on: November 03, 2016, 01:34:52 PM »

This was my usual annual jaunt down to participate in the National Veteran's Track Champ's in Wales.

The trip down is usually long enough, averaging 7-8 hours, but with a combo of half term school holidays in England and a car fire on the M6 - my trip ended up being 10 hours! So, a 20min spin on the turbo with several 6second revouts was more than required to unseize me. The number of entrants this year had gone up - due to a few new velodromes popping up around the country. So, there was sure to be some decent racing over the weekend.


Got a good nights rest in readiness for an early start and a full day of racing. Sprint qualification was at 10am. I was there for the Velodrome opening at 8.30am, in order to set-up and sign-on, etc. The organisers in their wisdom had only allocated 45mins on track for warm-up, so it was a bun fight trying to find a gap in the track to actually do my warmup jump. So, not ideal.

200m Qualifying time trial

My run up was OK - but stayed too high at the fence before dropping down through 200m start and maybe not tucked up enough through back straight - so, not as fast as usual, but qualified in 3rd.

200m Qualifying results:

11.75  Mark Wiffen • Black Line
11.92  Paul Turner • 34 Nomads
12.09  Colin Mackenzie • Edinburgh RC
12.30  Steve Croggan
12.59  Ian Barton • VC Glasgow South
12.88  Ben Friend • Clarence
12.88  Roy Plant • Manchester Wheelers
13.19  Neil Stainthorpe • Scunthorpe polytechnic
14.27  Tony Orrell • Team Torelli

This was a 2-up against Ben Friend. I have raced him a few times over the years - so I have a good knowledge of his tactics. I blocked him until last 270m - he rushed me and got past, but I was on his wheel quickly and passed him at full speed at 130m to go and won with a good gap on the line. So straight through with no repechage.

I was up against Steve Croggan - who I had never heard of - so, I had to remain aware from the start. He got a great push from his holder and attacked, eyeballs-out, through the first 100ms. I chased and was on his wheel after 125m, then relaxed in his draft. He continued to go flat out until 300m to go - only looking back then to gauge where I was. As he passed last 200m to go, he was still slightly above the sprinters lane, as he looked over his right shoulder - I dove under him - took the lane and pushed on through the last lap for the win.


I had only sat down for 10mins and was back on again - the other age categories must have all been fast drag races. This was a 3-up against Mark Wiffen and Paul Turner. Mark is an ex-elite rider and has been on form in Sprint and Pursuiting all year. Paul, I raced earlier on this year at National Masters.

This was more of a game of chess. I drew lane 1, so led out slowly, taking height when I could and trying to keep both riders in check. I thought I had Wiffen blocked with 350m to go - but he attacked as I did, with slightly more height and got over me with a tad more speed. I chased, closing slightly on him, but finished a bike length back in 2nd. But silver for day one wasn't too shabby.

GOLD  Mark Wiffen • Black Line
SILVER  Colin Mackenzie • Edinburgh RC
BRONZE  Paul Turner • 34 Nomads


Did a good bit of stretching this morning - since I was still pretty stiff from sprint day - Racing hard and long waiting periods in-between is never a great combo. But, thankfully - this was a later start today - my event was scheduled for 1pm. However still no access to track, prior to my event. Had to do 40mins on the turbo with 3 revouts. Then 2 starts in track centre - which thankfully was empty. I was off in the third heat - but my run was delayed, when one of the riders on track snapped a chain going through corner one and slid across the cote d' azure!

Once I got on - my run went OK - still 0.6 slower on lap one, than my best, but felt stronger through lap two. And, although I was high going through the last 40M, I finished 2nd overall, good enough for silver on the day.


36.095  Mark Wiffen • Black Line (GOLD)
36.630  Colin Mackenzie • Edinburgh RC (SILVER)
37.230  Steve Croggan  (BRONZE)
37.568  Ian Greenstreet • Newbury RC
37.644  Paul Turner • 34 Nomads
37.982  Martin Webster • welland valley cc
38.554  Phil Rayner • Welland valley cc
38.631  Roy Plant • Manchester Wheelers
39.350  Ian Barton • VC Glasgow South
40.101  Simon Best • Fullgas RT
40.206  Andrew Ballentyne • Easterley RC
40.599  Neil Stainthorpe • Scunthorpe polytechnic
40.726  Tony Orrell • Team Torelli
DQ‘ed  Ben Friend • Clarence

So, last event of the season, some good racing and decent results. Can still go faster, though ;-)

chris a

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Re: LVRC National Track Cycling Championships 2016
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2016, 08:48:02 PM »
Fantastic results and great report, nice one Colin.


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