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Author Topic: Day one scottish track champs  (Read 984 times)


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Day one scottish track champs
« on: November 20, 2016, 08:15:05 AM »
After a long season of time trails the winter sore my attention turn to the velodrome again. The nationals this year had been put back to November this year which seemed good for me until an annoying cold since october kept coming back and more i tried to train the slower I was getting.. Id intentions of riding the individual pursuit and hopefully getting a team together for the Masters   
Team Pursuit
 After a X factor style selection process 4 pensioners stood out as best riders to make the Masters Team Pursuit

 1/ me......Warren "erc freewheel champs 2 years running...."Crombie
 2/Colin"can I do it on my tandem with Sonya"Crawford
 3/Ian" 1984 Scottish kilo champ" Mckinley
 4/Hamish "I still got a broken finger" MacLean

 So with a star studded team who over the years have all done amazing things sparks were alway going to fly....!!!
  But first we all needed to find our track bikes.....oil or zimmers and pump up our tyres....One team training session seemed enough which was arranged at our local Meadow bank. The weather gods were kind and rain kept away long enough to get a few runs in to practice our changes and generally get the feel for how everyone was going. A few tactics were discussed and we left before we all died of hypothermia.
  Race day arrived and individual event went really bad....i was feeling bad and the cold had taken more out of me than id expected. Last place so guess can only improve next year. Had a good wait till our team event later in the evening so relaxed,and went for a few  coffees.
 Id managed to sort some hire wheels from the club for our pensioners to use so we all pimped or dusty bikes with discs and 5 spoke fronts which looked really cool....
 Tactics were changed due to me lack of form, we warmed up and before we knew it we were counting down the beeper on the start line...
  Hamish did us proud with well paced first lap and smooth increase of pace second lap, from there we all worked well, we lost Ian on lap 7 of 12 and battled hard to maintain Hamish's early pace as a 3. The pain of the last few laps were confirmed by my garmin with a new heart rate pb...
  We all cooled down on the rollers while watching the other teams carry out there rides. To our amazement we ended up 3rd overall......Yeppy go us.....
 A massive thanks to few people for helping along the way. Phil for getting us some track time at meadow bank, Ken for sorting and supplying some amazing wheels for the pensioners to use, and Mat for the use of his wheels and help around the pits before hand.Also Colin,Ian and Hamish for making the effort getting to glasgow to ride.
  During the night session erc had 2 riders in the kerin event. Mat and Jeremy. Both made it through to the final and was great to see 2 erc jerseys in  the 6 man Kerin final. Both finished mid field which was impressive riding from both of them. Also racing was Ross Crook who suffered with me in the individual pursuit and then raced a brutal points race which was a great watch ...
Cya out on the road,


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