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Author Topic: BBC State of Sport  (Read 334 times)

chris a

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BBC State of Sport
« on: March 20, 2017, 04:01:58 PM »
I'm slightly uneasy about the BBC State of Sport piece which surveyed 1025 active members of sports clubs, teams or gyms across eight sports disciplines. Huge claims and shock headlines are drawn from the survey without much substantiation.

The numbers for a national survey can hardly be representative, especially when broken down per activity - 128 per sport. We/re not given any detail on the questions asked - to what degree do you agree with the following? is hardly in-depth or likely to yield definitive data. Lots of hearsay. Were respondents asked to give a yes/no response, or blunt 'slightly agree, kind of agree, agree a bit' responses? The initial report also listed data for people who used energy gels or who drank protein shakes!

There are serious issues relating to sport, health and well-being what we need is responsible accurate reporting not only to help those who have erred but also to restore a bit of faith. At the risk of sounding like a Trump tweet, it's just another example of 'lazy reporting'.

sigh, Chris A


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