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Author Topic: Ingliston 2005 Round 3 5/05/05  (Read 3297 times)


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Ingliston 2005 Round 3 5/05/05
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After two consecutive second places in the first two episodes of the maelstrom that is Ingliston, Graham (Frodo) McGarrity finally triumphed over the forces of darkness in his quest for the crock of gold.

Junior mountain-biker Ross Creber (Sandy Wallace) went away from the start but his move was chased down by Lee Whitelaw (Edinburgh RC/The Bicycleworks) who immediately counter-attacked to establish an 8 second gap. Tony Reidy (North Beach Dooleys) went off in pursuit but he was soon caught by the bunch led by Calum McGregor ( McGregor and Graham McGarrity(C21 Multisport) both got across to Whitelaw giving the break vital impetus increasing the gap to 11 seconds. Robert Wardell (Sandy Wallace) sensed the danger and took off in pursuit but he couldn't maintain the attack and was left in no-man's land. Whitelaw took the first sprint prime from McGarrity .

Wardell  sat up as the break's lead went up to 23 seconds with all three contributing. The break continued to extend their lead to 40 seconds but an additional cash prime put up by the spectators gave the bunch impetus  with Tony Reidy taking the money. The lead was down to 20 seconds as Reidy and Jack Woodward ( set off in pursuit. It was a tough and windy night but the break were showing no signs of faltering with the Reidy/Woodward duo at 16 seconds and the bunch a further 14 seconds back. Kevin Barclay (Kingdom RT) and the plucky Wardell tried to get across to the chasers but they were soon absorbed by the bunch.

At the second sprint prime won by McGarrity, the break was maintaining its lead over the two chasers with the bunch losing ground. Barclay and Wardell had another go and for some time led the bunch by 8 seconds. They were joined by Richard Garrett (Unattached) but soon afterwards went back to the bunch 38 seconds  down on the leaders.With 4 laps to go the gap to the chasers was holding steady at around 17 seconds with the bunch a further 40 seconds back. After a further lap the chasing duo had closed dramatically and with two to go the gap was only 8 seconds. At the bell the gap was down to 6 seconds and it looked like the junction could be made. But Whitelaw put in a strong spell into the wind prior to the last hairpin before the wind-assisted finishing straight. This kept the break clear but compromised his finishing effort. In the sprint, McGarrity took care of McGregor with Whitelaw holding off Reidy and Woodward who finished at 5 seconds. Ross Crook (Edinburgh RC/The Bicycleworks) took the bunch sprint 39 seconds later.

1.   Graham McGarrity   C21 Multisport
2.   Calum McGregor
3.   Lee Whitelaw      Edinburgh RC
4.   Tony Reidy      North Beach Dooleys
5.   Jack Woodward
6.   Ross Crook      Edinburgh RC
7.   Kevin Barclay      Kingdom RT
8.   Robert Wardell      Sandy Wallace RT
9.   Richard Garrett      Unattached
10.   Graham Barclay      Kingdom RT

In the introductory event, young Peter Ettles from Forres CC was the most animated but also most misfortunate rider in the bunch - he failed his gear check after the race and was thus relegated from the placings. Series leader Bruce Croall (Edinburgh RC/The Bicycleworks) had another emphatic win in a bunch gallop from Andrew Wardman (Glentress Riders) and Mark Millington (

There was drama in the women's classification where Kate Cullen (COERC) was making her first appearance of the series. Series leader Pippa Handlay (Edinburgh RC/The Bicycleworks) was first brought down in a crash. She rejoined with only abrasions, but later punctured. Team-mate Sandra Murdoch came to her rescue, selflessly offering her wheel to allow Pippa to complete the race. That should be worth at least a glass of red wine should Pippa manage to hold on to the lead!  

1.   Bruce Croall      Edinburgh RC
2.   Andrew Wardman      Glentress Riders
3.   Mark Millington
4.   Colin Fergus      Edinburgh RC
5.   Ross Yates         Edinburgh Racers
6.   Tosh Scott         Classic Walls
7.   Bill Wilkie         Edinburgh RC
8.   Ian Jackson      Edinburgh RC
9.   John McCarthy
10.   Ian Williamson      Denny RC

1.   Kate Cullen      COERC
2.   Pippa Handley      Edinburgh RC
3.   Claudia Nitzig      Edinburgh RC

1.   James Clark      Musselburgh RCC
2.   Keri McMahon      Kirkcaldy and District

1.   Ross Yates         Edinburgh Racers
2.   Steven Quinn      Glenmarnock Wheelers
3.   John Duncan      Edinburgh RC
4.   Kieron McMahon      Kirkcaldy and District
5.   Peter Ettles      Forres CC

Ingliston Criterium Series 2005 Master Table            
Premier League after 3 events            
Position   Name   Cat   Club   Total
1   Graham McGarrity   E   MultisportRT   136
2   Kevin Barclay   J   Kingdom RT   91
3   Calum McGrtegor   E   75
4   Ross Crook   2   EdinburghRC    69
5   Lee Whitelaw   1   EdinburghRC    61
6   Sean Newington   E   Dooleys RT   53
7   Jack Woodward   4   45
8   James McCallum   1   Pedal Power   36
9   Gary McCrae   2   Pedal Power   36
10   Chris Smart   1   Glasgow couriers   35
11   Tony Reidy   J   North Beach Dooleys   30
12   Paul McInally   3   Pedal Power   27
13   Kieran Hay   3   Stirling Bike Club   25
14   Stuart McGregor   E   MultisportRT   16
15   Robert Wardell   J   Sandy Wallace   16
16   Thomas Quinn   1   Square Wheels   14
17   Richard Garrett      Unattached   14
18   Gregor Brown   3   EdinburghRC    12
19   Ross Creber   J   Sandy Wallace   12
20   Graham Barclay      Kingdom RT   12
21   Martin Ross   2   Musselburgh RCC   1
First Division  after 3 events            
Position   Name   Cat   Club   Total
1   Bruce Croall   4   Edinburgh RC   146
2   Mark Millington   4   85
3   Andrew Turnbull      Falkirk BC   56
4   Colin Fergus   4   Edinburgh RC   55
5   Tosh Scott   4   Classic Walls   54
6   Alistair Simpson      Edinburgh RC   42
7   Andrew Wardman      Glentress  Riders   40
8   Ian Jackson   4   Edinburgh RC   39
9   Ross Yates   YA   Edinburgh Racers   39
10   Steve McQueen   4   Falkirk BC   36
11   Cameron Wood      Edinburgh RC   36
12   Brynley Davies      Edinburgh RC   30
13   Olivier del Corto      Edinburgh RC   25
14   Jim Leach      Edinburgh RC   21
15   Peter Hamilton      Unattached   20
16   Bill Wilkie      Edinburgh RC   18
17   John Mcarthy   17
18   Alistair Eason      Edinburgh RC   16
19   Gavin Noble      Unattached   14
20   Gordon Dickson      Forth Thistle   12
21   Iain Williamson      Denny RC   12
22   Peter Ettles   YA   Forres CC   2
23   Daniel Durie   YA   Pedal Power   1
Women after 3 events            
Position   Name      Club   Total
1   Pippa Handley      Edinburgh RC   140
2   Cllaudia Nitzig      Edinburgh RC   55
3   Kate Cullen      COERC   50
4   Anna Walker      Walkers Cycling team   40
5   Denise Lamond      Edinburgh RC   40
6   Fiona Walker      Sandy Wallace   35
7   Sandra Murdoch      Edinburgh RC   35
8   Hazel Sutherland      Edinburgh RC   30
9   Mhairi Mitchell      Team Velo Ecosse   25
10   Gaynor Hamilton      Edinburgh RC   18
11   Janine Yensman      Edinburgh RC   16
Junior after 3 events            
Position   Name      Club   Total
1   James Clark      Musselburgh RCC   140
2   Keri McMahon      Kirkcaldy and District   80
3   Gareth Jones      Edinburgh RC   50
Youth after 3 events            
Position   Name      Club   Total
1   Peter Ettles      Forres CC   115
2   Ross Yates      Edinburgh Racers   100
3   Steven Quinn      Glenmarnock Whlrs   95
4   John Duncan      Edinburgh RC   90
5   Jamie McQueen      Glasgow Wheelers   60
6   Kieran McMahon      Edinburgh Racers   60
7   Hamish Creber      Sandy Wallace   40
8   Daniel Durie      Pedal Power   20
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