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How should I prepare for a club road ride?

Jan 10, 2005
How should I prepare for a club road ride? Be prepared!

Run preparation - Riding in a group has many advantages but it also places certain responsibilities on each rider. Punctures, mechanicals etc, whilst often bad luck, can be less of a trial if certain precautions are taken before the run :

Make sure your bike is safe - check brakes, wheels, rims and steering. Also ensure that nothing is loose (especially mudguards) or liable to fall off. A lubricated chain etc is also a good idea.

Check your tyres - worn tyres are the single biggest preventable cause of punctures. Multiple punctures, apart from being a pain, won't endear you to other riders waiting for you on a cold day !

Make sure you know how to fix a puncture - practice beforehand if you need to.


You are likely to need the following equipment:

  • An appropriately serviced bike
  • At least one, but preferably two, spare inner tubes.
  • A working pump
  • Puncture repair kit - for those awful days when two tubes aren't enough.
  • Tyre levers - 2/3
  • A multi tool - to adjust gears etc
  • Other optional tools eg chain breaker
  • Even in winter hydration is important¬†- carry a water bottle.
  • Personal first aid - plasters, antiseptic wipes etc
  • Money - for cafe stop
  • Waterproof
  • Carbohydrate drink
  • Solid carbohydrate source eg banana, raisins, jelly babies¬†¬†

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