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What is the Sunday road ride like?

Jan 10, 2005
What is the Sunday road ride like?

Information about group club rides

Sunday road run:

The ERC Sunday run leaves from the Charwood Restaurant, 47 Buckstone Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 6QJ

You can find the location here:

The start time is the time the run leaves - so please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes ahead of that time.

The Sunday run normally averages around 17 mph and is aimed at riders training to race or reasonably fit recreational cyclists.  Riders are assumed to be self supporting and, while the group might have a café stop, this is not guaranteed, and riders should carry adequate food and drink.  The group will always stop for punctures etc, and will aim to accommodate a reasonable range of abilities, but those significantly slower than the general pace of the group should be prepared to navigate their own way home.

Routes vary from week to week, going East, South, or West, and usually sticking mostly to more minor roads.  Distance varies according to season and weather, but is typically 50 - 70 miles, although shorter options are usually available.

Preparation and Equipment

To ensure that you are ready for the Sunday ride and have the best possible experience, please read the information about preparation and equipment on our Saturday Rides page. 

More Information

Check the What's on? diary page for details of club activities.

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