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What should I take with me on a club road ride?

Jan 10, 2005
What should I take with me on a club road ride? Be prepared!

Since each rider is expected to be self supporting, you should consider carrying the kit listed below.

Kit List
* At least one, but preferably two, spare inner tubes.
* A working pump
* Puncture repair kit - for those awful days when two tubes aren't enough.
* Tyre levers - 2/3
* A multi tool - to adjust gears etc
* Other optional tools eg chain breaker
* Even in winter hydration is important so each rider should carry a water bottle.
* Personal first aid - plasters, antiseptic wipes etc
* Money - for the cafe stop
* Although groups often have a cafe stop it's a good idea to carry some spare food eg energy bars, bananas etc
* Scottish weather is unpredictable all the year round so it's always advisable to carry a waterproof cycling jacket

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