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What personal kit should I carry on a mountainbike ride?

Jan 10, 2005
What personal kit should I carry on a mountainbike ride? Be prepared! It's often true that people carry more emergency gear for their bikes than for themselves. As a minimum:
· Helmet (essential). There's probably more regular riders in the offroad section who have landed on their heid at some point than haven't (which explains a lot to be fair). It just makes so much sense.
· Water. Rucksack hydration packs (e.g. Camelbaks) are increasingly popular and give space to carry other bits and bobs, otherwise use frame-mounted water bottles.
· Food. Depending on the ride, anything from a few cereal bars and jelly babies to sandwiches and enough food for a whole day. It's unusual to have a café stop on offroad rides so carry sufficient food for the ride and a bit extra "just in case".
· Personal first aid - plasters, antiseptic wipes etc.
· Spare clothing. As a minimum a warm layer and waterproof, and more for rides into remote areas and winter rides, e.g. leggings, fleece, spare gloves, armwarmers and legwarmers. Again tailor your extra kit to the ride you're undertaking. If in doubt, ask the ride organiser what they think you'll need.

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