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Types of Cycling

Mar 23, 2008
Types of Cycling

The great thing about cycling is that there are so many different disciplines to try!  Have a look at some of the types of cycle sport club members take part in.

Road Cycling: Just like the Tour de France... bunch riding with the wind in your hair on the open roads.

Track Cycling: Very exciting racing on bikes with no brakes or gears! Skill and power are the key to track success. Racing takes place on a banked 250m wooden track with a huge variety of different races to take part in. Could you be the next Chris Hoy?

Want to know what road and track riding the club does?

Mountain biking XC: Epic rides in the highlands, exploring the local woods, bombing downhill, lung bursting climbs. You can do it all on a cross country mountain bike.  

Mountain bike DH: If it's adrenaline you want then downhill's the sport for you, 3-5 minutes of flat out riding down a hill, with big jumps and drop off's to keep you on your toes.

Cyclocross: Is the traditional winter sport for cyclists. If you like getting muddy then cross is the sport for you! The bikes are based on road frames but with more clearance for knobbly  tyres. However you don't need a cyclocross bike to race, a mountain bike with skinny tyres can be just as useful.

Want to know about what happens in the club's off-road section?

Triathlon: For people who think one sport is just too easy ! Triathlon combines the sports of swimming cycling and running all in one. Events vary from short "sprint" events to the seriously crazy Ironman events which consist of a 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of cycling and then a nice easy finish, a marathon!

Want to get involved in the triathlon section of the club?

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