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Kit List

Mar 23, 2008
Kit List

A few things that will make your cycling experience more enjoyable.

Riders attending the juniors sessions will find this useful


Wearing a helmet at any club session or race event is compulsory meaning no helmet no ride! Make sure when you get your helmet it fit's properly and is comfortable.


Food and Drink:

Hydration (drinking) whilst exercising will help you take full advantage of your bodies performance and prevent overheating. In normal conditions you should try to consume around 300-500ml of water per hour of exercise.

When exercising hard it's best not to be too full but if you do get hungry bring some of the foods listed below to keep you going.

  • Cereal Bars
  • Fruit (i.e. bananas or apples)
  • Fruit cake



Wearing protective glasses when cycling is a pretty good idea as they give protection for your eyes from mud, grit and water. Glasses with 100 % UV protection will also shield your eyes from the sun.



As we all know the weather in Scotland can be changeable at the best of times! So you always need to be prepared for the worse, a water proof jacket is a must. Loose or baggy clothing will flap about at speed and trousers can get caught in the chain. Cycling shorts and jersey are best but if you don't have these then light weight close fitting warm clothing is the next best thing.

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