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Club officials online data login

Jan 13, 2010
Club officials online data login Access to committee intranet site, membership database and ERC Event Organisers website

Committee members have access to an intranet site for club administration purposes.

For Event Organisers there is an ERC Event Organisers website.

Other Club officials can access select views of the ERC online database via zoho.  Access is strictly limited to members and officials sanctioned by the ERC committee and access rights are only given to the data required to perform the administrative function allocated.

New officials can obtain the access they require by:

1. Registering an account with zoho

2. Contacting the membership registrar with the username and email address used to setup the account

3. Access will then be setup and the official informed

4. Access to the data will then be available on login by clicking on the shared apps tab on the left of the home screen

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