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Tri Coaches and Committee

Jul 4, 2017
Tri Coaches and Committee

Here are photos of our current coaches and committee members, so that you know who to approach at our sessions if you have any questions.

- Tri Squad Coaches -


Our coaches

Alister Russell Level 3  Head Coach
Penny Rother Level 3  BTF Coach of the Year 2015
Martin Gore Level 3  
Jo Philips Level 2  Youth tri co-ordinator
Jane Stevenson Level 2  
Adam Chmielowski Level 2  
Nial Baxter Level 1  
Debbie Kelso Level 1  
Richard Frickleton Level 1  
Ruben Villalain Level 1  
Geoff Earl Level 1  
Gavin Downie Level 1  
Fiona Schafer Level 1  
Morag McCarthy Level 1  
Fancy joining them?  We are alway looking for new coaches, and the club can usually help with training costs. Contact our head coach if you are interested.
Martin Gore   Alister Russell  

Penny Rother Niall Baxter Rich Frickleton Geoff Earl

BTF Coach of the Year 2015

  Adam Chmielowski  


- 2017 Tri Squad Committee Members -

The committee is made up of club members like you. 
Penny Rother Tri Section Joint Coordinator
Oonagh O'Brien Tri Section Joint Coordinator
Alister Russell Head Coach
Jane Emslie Secretary
Mitchell Fraser Swim subs, website
Jo Phillips Youth tri
David Fraser Tri kit, Race Organiser
Tom Kiely  Volunteers, away races.

Chris Godfree Alister Russell Tom Kiely


Tom Kiely

Jo Phillips Jane Emslie  
Mitch Fraser
Mitchell Fraser


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