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Martin Crompton posted a message

Jan 3, 2016
Martin CromptonMartin Crompton posted a message on Edinburgh RC MTB
3 January 2016
Solo spin 'round the Pentlands yesterday (I was a little late at the start...)

White Hill climb = super greasy, whilst Scalectrix was fun and Poets was really washed out (rocky). Full-on winter mode!
Kim McGillivrayKim McGillivray
3 January
Had many riders been there originally (hard for you to know)? What are numbers on Saturday runs like now?
Ben VogelsangBen Vogelsang
3 January
I am surprised at the low turnout ! I know last year a small group would make their way to GT and I'm guessing Inners..maybe a bit of organising is needed to get things rolling again ?
Martin CromptonMartin Crompton
3 January
There wasn't a ride scheduled for yesterday, or a designated ride leader. Nobody posted up requesting a ride, so I just went out on spec. Still had a good time!
Ben VogelsangBen Vogelsang
3 January
Nothing wrong with that ! I did a local loop myself- I live in Oxton so rounded top hills are everywhere. I was shouting at traffic trying to get off the A68 - as usual ! They don't seem to appreciate the Bike in their way.. TOUGH !
Laurence SmytheLaurence Smythe
3 January

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