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Russ Lamberty posted a message

Jan 8, 2016
Russ LambertyRuss Lamberty posted a message on Edinburgh RC MTB
8 January 2016
Pentlands maybe slippy tomorrow, I am heading down to Inners tomorrow for 0900 with John Kerr.

The weather there is looking like 25 degrees and dusty trails....let me know if anyone is interested? Should be fun
Kathryn GoodenoughKathryn Goodenough
8 January
Dusty trails? Your optimism is touching.
Russ LambertyRuss Lamberty
8 January
To clarify, the temperature is in fahrenheit.

Optimism? Next you'll be say Santa doesn't exist! See you there for 0900 then? There is rocks to look at too!
Duncan ForbesDuncan Forbes
8 January
Its bizarre how the weather can differ so much in two fairly close locations. ☺️
Roger RutherfordRoger Rutherford
8 January
Away, otherwise would be.
Russ LambertyRuss Lamberty
9 January
Told you it would be nice and dusty......some people doubt everything on the interweb these days!

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