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Kim McGillivray posted a message

Jan 9, 2016
Kim McGillivrayKim McGillivray posted a message on Edinburgh RC MTB
9 January 2016
Good ride up into the Pentlands snow today. Thanks to Martin Crompton for revealing some new routes and surprising corners.
Kim McGillivrayKim McGillivray
9 January
Martin CromptonMartin Crompton
9 January
Excellent fun today :-) Fresh snow meant surprisingly good amount of grip. Had a minor sideways "unintentional dismount" on the Black Hill descent, & then a freak mechanical (just riding along, honest!) which meant no back brake for the rest of the ride - but still a good day.
Alison ChisholmAlison Chisholm
9 January
Looks amazing! Proper winter
Russ LambertyRuss Lamberty
9 January
Dry and dusty at Inners today honest!
Kim McGillivrayKim McGillivray
9 January
Get yourselves out mtb-ers. My only 2 outings off-road with the club have both been me and one other(!).

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