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Andy Barker posted a message

Jan 16, 2016
Andy BarkerAndy Barker posted a message on Edinburgh RC MTB
Hi folks,
Is anyone riding today? No one at the meet point.
How do I find out if a ride is on/cancelled?
Alison ChisholmAlison Chisholm
The last leaders rota went up to the 9th Jan so I'm not sure there is a leader assigned for today. Are u waiting up at the tennis courts?
Ben VogelsangBen Vogelsang
Shame, flu put an end to riding this week for me, but I plan on meeting up with Folks as the lungs clear ! Maybe next week, Kim had mentioned GT, but the reports came back ICY/DICEY this week ! Be safe meanwhile !
Andy BarkerAndy Barker
ah ha.
I know I'm a muppet buuuut, where do I find the leader rota?
yep, I was by the tennis courts, ended up two of us going for a nice low level ride, so it was good fun, if a wee bit slippery!
Kim McGillivrayKim McGillivray
Hi Andy, I'm new to the mtb crew. I showed up just before Christmas and early in January. Conditions being what they have been, numbers not high (both times me and one other) but riding good. As ...See more

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