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Committee Meeting Minutes December 2015

Jan 20, 2016
Committee Meeting Minutes December 2015

7th December 2015 19:30
Location: Bruntsfield Hotel ­ Bruntsfield Links


Rob Bloor, Simon Bullock, Phil Darby, Gareth Edwards, Alan Flynn, Chris Godfree, Graham Jones, Jonny May, Sandra Murdoch, Michael Walker

Things Presented & Agreed

Stevie Roy sent an email with concerns regarding the recording of riders on club rides.

SM (and Stevie Roy) had raised the topic of Saturday Development ride reformatting. Decision was made to ‘re­brand’ as ‘Welcome to ERC run’ and also change the start time from 09:50 to 09:45

Penny Rother’s extraordinary achievements with regards to coaching awards were discussed. Simon agreed to write congratulating Penny on behalf of the committee.

Chris raised again the issue of poor organisation at Edinburgh Leisure with regards to payment for pool time. They wrote to us threatening to close our sessions down, even though our records show that we have paid. Chris will continue to work with Edinburgh Leisure  to get this matter resolved.

Gareth Edwards has spoken to Martin Harris regarding a regional race series for youths (similar to the WOSCA one already in place). There would be no ‘net new’ races, simply add points scoring to existing races. Also need to get PCC on board

Discussion on communications policy/medium (following on from comments/discussion at AGM).

● Agreed that an early example of responding to the voiced concerns was the coaching survey already issued
● Discussed issues with current web page based communications
● Noted that youth and juniors use Facebook extensively to great effect with regular newsletters pinned as top post.
● Other groups use open twitter feeds
● Discussed differences between pages, closed groups, private groups, etc.
● Agreed we should start up a Public ERC Facebook Group
● With private/closed groups for Race Squad(s) and Youth/Juniors
● Gareth will speak to Ken regarding a new Internet Identity for the club in order to engage the membership

Review of coaching survey results ­ Which gave some great feedback in terms of what the membership (at least those that responded) want the club to do for them. Also discussed success/otherwise of inaugural group turbo sessions. Phil to consider alternate venue that will provide turbos

Briefly discussed a couple of Christmas rides. ‘Official Club Christmas Ride’ ­ Date to be set by Rob. Sandra will be riding out on Christmas morning for anyone who wants to join in. Graham to publish details via email/calendar

Concern was expressed over lack of race organisers for key events next year. Concentrating on Gifford, Rob, Sandra and Jonny agreed to meet up to discuss.

Graham brought up a discussion raised by the race squad regarding using Castelli for a ‘one off’ kit order. As well as a separate iten from one member willing to reach out to ANOther an attempt to get better quality kit. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that the order could go ahead but must be open to all members, thereby adressing both issues. It was also agreed that a review of alternate supppliers should also be carried out (perhaps after the Castelli ‘trial’).

There was also a discussion regarding the lack of an off road coordinator and also comments made by previous MTB coordinator regarding splitting off the off road section completely. Committee all agreed that it would be wrong to split this section away from the general club and instead will continue to seek a club member who could lead this section. It was also noted that perhaps Cyclo Cross should be included as part of the off road section and also the crossover between road and off road by various members was something that should be recognised and encouraged


● GJ/JM ­ Publish new start time for Saturday Development Ride

● SB ­ Write to Penny Rother on behalf of the committee

● CG ­ Continue to work with Edi Leisure to close down the issues surrounding payment for pool time

● GE ­ Speak to Ken regarding new Internet Identity

● PD ­ Find alternate turbo venue that would negate the need for users to bring their own
● GJ ­ Publish details of the Christmas Ride(s)

● RB, SM, JM ­ Organise a meeting to discuss Gifford organisation/roles/responsibilities

● GJ ­ Respond back to race squad and other individual regarding Castelli decision.

Section Reports


Vice President
● GG has completed introductions to all existing sponsors via email. I will be reaching out to key sponsors in the new year. Keen to understand how we can help sponsors activate their sponsorship. Martin Currie confirmed sponsorship for 2016, invoice has been submitted for payment.
● Martin Harris keen to attend future ERC committee meeting to discuss ERC’s role in the Hunter’s Hall Cycling Facility project.
● Lothian Flyer RR now registered and active on BC events.
● Still to confirm organisers for Gifford, Meldons & Women’s Series Race. (SC would like our events registered ASAP.)
● ERC has reaffiliated to CTC and SC. (Still need to email SC full list of ERC coaches as you can only enter 10 names via the BC system. Please can Phil Darby confirm names & qualifications of all ERC coaches?)
● Attended SC Calendar Fixing event at Perth (along with GJ).
● Attended SC AGM on behalf of ERC.
● ESCA dissolution letter received from Tom Arnott, ESCA Chairman:
November AGM.)
● Kettilstoun Mains Cycling Facility ­ emails received from Martin Harris & Calum Reid:
● Colin McMillan Sports Club Bulletin:

Membership Services
● Membership is currently at 569 (46 down on this time last year)
● Setting up of CTT Scotland was approved at 6 Dec CTT AGM
● Majorca bookings have now closed with 53 signed up for the main camp
● Purchased additional bags to store and transport the additional course marker poles bought for the Lochore triathlon
● Received proposal from the race squad for Castelli club kit order that needs discussion and feedback
● Received request from club member to release club artwork to have some Champion Systems kit made.  Needs discussion and feedback
● All requested payments up to date

● Training Sessions in full swing. Meeting organised with Junior RT parents/riders
● Castelli kit proposed for RT

● Go Ride wrapped up for 2015, xmas/birthday party held Sat 5th  ● Plans in place to move to block charging for Go Ride sessions next year; final go/no­go
at Youth section meeting 8th December 
● A number of parents have taken up offers to undergo coach training which is a positive move to increase our capability
● Some coaches now focusing more on older riders so extra sessions mid­week and Saturday morning now taking shape 
● Race team application forms to be issued this week. Proposal on how funding should be utilised initially going to Youth section meeting 8th December. 
● Braveheart funding application needs to be submitted for 18th December 
● Season Starter races provisionally scheduled for 5th and 13th March. Note we haven’t received CoE funding this year so some risk of running at a loss ( although previously we have managed to keep costs to a minimum ) 
● Good results across all age groups at the moment in cyclocross. ERC Juniors very visible at Scottish series


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