The Edinburgh Road Club is committed to promoting the enjoyment of cycling for all people including club members, coaches, volunteers, event participants, parents, and spectators. To accomplish this objective, we encourage everyone to approach cycling with a positive outlook. We also rely on all members participating and supporting ERC events and activities to act in a considerate manner and practice the following behaviors:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of everyone regardless of age, disability, gender, race, cultural background, religious beliefs, or sexual identity.
  • Always ride with safety in mind for yourself and others. Share the roads, trails and paths with other users and respect their rights of use. Be friendly.
  • When riding in a group always consider the safety of the entire group, especially when maneuvering and approaching junctions or other hazards.
  • Follow the instructions provided by ride leaders, coaches, event officials and volunteers.
  • Show appreciation for ride leaders, coaches, event officials, volunteers, and spectators.
  • Show appreciation for all event participants regardless of ability and/or results.
  • Comply with the applicable rules set out by the organising body when participating or supporting affiliated events (i.e., British Cycling, Scottish Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, Cycling UK, Triathlon Scotland, etc.).
  • Volunteers working with children under 18 years of age, coaches and first aiders shall ensure they obtain and maintain proper qualifications for the duties which they undertake.

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