2022 Midweek TT Series - Week 5 Startsheet

15 June 2022

Photo: © Michael Perkins

Startsheet below!

And so you plan a different course at the last minute because of roadworks and good weather. Then the roadworks go away. Insert unimpressed face here. Anywho, we will do the left turn course of fun but extend it a couple hundred metres to make it a 10 and the finish timekeepers job easier.

  • Gamin course here - Garmin Connect
  • Google Maps here - Google Maps
  • Start is at the lampost in the country lane opposite Gladsmuir petrol station. Follow road. Left towards Boggs Holdings. Left at the junction. Left at the next junction onto A6093. Left at Letham Mains holdings (HERE). Follow the road (USE YOUR COMMON SENSE IT IS NARROW). Left at the end of the road once you've done some snaking around, the left is onto the A199. The bike lane helps but use your common sense! Up the drag. Finish is near where you started, but at the lampost BEFORE the left turnoff (HERE) - the church is on the other side of the road.
  • We meet at the Gladsmuir truck slip area (HERE)
  • As usual remember your lights, front and back.
Date 15/06/2022
Course ERC Midweek 10M TT
Timekeeper 1 Alan Burke
Timekeeper 2 Michael Perkins
Number Name Club Start Time
1 Alasdair Easton Edinburgh RC 19:01
2 Yolanda Solans Edinburgh RC 19:02
3 Jane Stevenson Edinburgh RC 19:03
4 Frank Landay Hart's Cyclery 19:04
5 Simon Titmuss Ronde CC 19:05
6 Sarah Scott Edinburgh RC 19:06
7 Abigail Corsie Ronde CC 19:07
8 Jonathan Hartley Edinburgh RC 19:08
9 Sarah Emslie Edinburgh RC 19:09
10 Stuart Lockey Edinburgh RC 19:10
11 Rachael Butcher Edinburgh RC 19:11
12 Eric Easton Edinburgh RC 19:12
13 Chris Howie Edinburgh RC 19:13
14 Chris Allen Edinburgh RC 19:14
15 Neil Glover Musselburgh Roads CC 19:15
16 Xander Graham Edinburgh RC 19:16
17 Louis Moorehead Ronde CC 19:17
18 Warren Crombie Musselburgh Roads CC 19:18
19 Steve Canney Edinburgh RC 19:19
20 Barry McColl Peebles CC 19:20
21 Jonny Noblett Ronde CC 19:21
22 Basil Monks Edinburgh RC 19:22
23 Mark Anderson Vanelli Project Go 19:23
24 Daniel Kirk Edinburgh RC 19:24
25 Elijah Kwon Edinburgh RC 19:25
26 Leahn Parry Edinburgh RC 19:26
27 John Waller EH Star 19:27
28 Alan Dean Edinburgh RC 19:28
29 Sandy Waller Edinburgh RC 19:29