2022 Midweek TT Series - Week 6 Startsheet

22 June 2022

Crikey, this is becoming painful.

So, when I thought an alternative had arrived. My hopes were dashed. I have a roving reporter on the ground letting me know the state of the roadworks in Letham Mains. IF IF IF they are unobtrusive, we'll do the left turny 10, if they are intrusive we'll do the ............. NEWSFLASH........ road closed signs are up.

Which means it's the Gladsmuir 5 x 2, multi roundabout, correct finish this time 10M TT.

Give me strength.


Google Map Course with the meet point in this layby.

Strava - ERC Midweek Alt 10M TT | Strava Ride Segment in Tranent, Scotland, United Kingdom

You MUST have a rear AND front working light to race, no lights, no race.

Date 22/06/2022
Course ERC Midweek 10M TT
Timekeeper 1 Elijah Kwon
Timekeeper 2 Simon Titmuss
Number Name Club Start Time
1 Peter Bonner Ronde CC 19:01
2 Alasdair Easton Edinburgh RC 19:02
3 Eric Easton Edinburgh RC 19:03
4 Iain Wilson Musselburgh Roads CC 19:04
5 Abigail Corsie Ronde CC 19:05
6 Kelly Rhodes Ronde CC 19:06
7 Chris Borthwick Edinburgh RC 19:07
8 Rachael Butcher Edinburgh RC 19:08
9 Colin Russell Edinburgh RC 19:09
10 Paul Rigg NBCC 19:10
11 Sarah Scott Edinburgh RC 19:11
12 Chris Howie Edinburgh RC 19:12
13 Neil Glover Musselburgh Roads CC 19:13
14 Gerry McGuire Pentland Velo 19:14
15 Louis Moorehead Ronde CC 19:15
16 Warren Crombie Musselburgh Roads CC 19:16
17 Steve Canney Edinburgh RC 19:17
18 Andrew Cox Peebles Cycling Club 19:18
19 Rhys Edwards Edinburgh RC 19:19
20 Basil Monks Edinburgh RC 19:20
21 Oliver Teenan Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 19:21
22 Colin Shearer Musselburgh Roads CC 19:22
23 John Waller EH Star 19:23
24 Sandy Waller Edinburgh RC 19:24