Announcing NEW ERC Women's Officer!

18 January 2022

ERC Committee is please to announce that Yoland Solans is stepping into the post of Women's Officer for the club. She will be an organiser/ride leader for women's events and point of contact for women's input, queries and concerns. Please welcome her aboard!

Hello everyone! My name is Yolanda and I’m your very proud Women’s officer. I’ll just give a brief introduction of myself so I don’t feel like a stranger anymore… I grew up in the north of Spain, in a city called Zaragoza (although I like saying I’m from the Pyrenees as my family is from there and it’s a lot prettier let’s be honest). The weather there doesn’t really represent stereotypical Spanish sun and warmth so I’m used to cold temperatures in winter, fog and loads of wind, feels like Edinburgh doesn’t it?

I’m currently in my 2nd year of a PhD in oncology at The University of Edinburgh, so stuff like cycling, running or hiking basically keep me sane! I started cycling almost 2 years ago now and immediately fell in love with it. In my new role as a Women’s officer I aim to share my passion for this sport with other women of all abilities and to create an inclusive environment which connects women to ride and enjoy the roads (and off roads!) together. I’m interested in hearing your suggestions, ideas, comments, opinions… so please feel free to contact me at

Looking forward to meeting you all out there!