ERC Midweek TT Series Rules

20 April 2023

TT Series Standings Rules

Weekly entry is £5 – entry and payment is online via CTT website

We’ll have the following series categories:

  • Open Youth (M&F)
  • Open Junior (M&F)
  • Open Senior 18-39 (M&F)
  • Open Vet 40+ (M&F)
  • Open Vet 50+ (M&F)
  • TT Bike Junior (M&F)
  • TT Bike Senior 18-39 (M&F)
  • TT Bike Vet 40+ (M&F)
  • TT Bike Vet 50+ (M&F)

Open categories are open to all types of human powered bicycles such as drop handlebar road bikes, straight handlebar road bikes, gravel bikes, hybrid bikes and mountain bikes BUT no time trial type handlebars or handlebar extensions are permitted.

TT Bikes categories are limited to discipline specific timetrial or triathalon bicycles and drop handlebar road bikes fitted with handlebar extensions.

Series Standings are taken from the 6th highest placings plus volunteering points. The number of points awarded for 1st overall each night are 40 points. Within each category the winner would also get 40 points, diminishing by 1 point for each place below. 40 points are awarded each time for volunteering. These are added to the 6 highest results points in therefore taking the form of “bonus points”.

Participants may ride as 2, 3 or 4 person team time trials but results will be time only and no points will be awarded towards the overall series.

Furthermore, inclusion in the final standings is dependent on a minimum of 2 volunteer turns. Except for under 18s (youth and junior riders) and female participants, where volunteering is not necessary to be included in the overall results.

A minimum of 5 participants must be registered by 11:59 p.m each Tuesday night for the event to go ahead on Wednesday evening. However, if you volunteer on an evening when the event is called off due to lack of participants you will still be awarded 40 points. Likewise, if you’re a rider who turns up but cannot race due to 5 riders not being present, you’ll be awarded 10 points.

Riders under the age of 18 will need to have a parent/guardian sign a consent form to enable them to participate

REMINDER – per the updated CTT rules; a REAR AND FRONT light is mandatory when taking part in any CTT time trial, this series included.