ERC 2021 Midweek TT Series - Week 16 - That's all folks

16 September 2021

So here we are. The final week. I’m sure you’ll all not only miss the racing but also my life blog each week. Hannah is concerned. As I won’t be doing any race reports until June 2022 – I have no outlet for my Dad jokes. Therefore, she knows she’s on the front line facing a barrage of puns. Hopefully this doesn’t derail our wedding plans.

I couldn’t resist a reference to Xander this week. How could I not – I couldn’t look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBC News, The Scotsman and even the Cycling Podcast without coming across a mention of Xander. I did ask Xander’s agent if he was available this week but he had prior commitments. Apparently he was going on the One Show yesterday evening. He’s grown too big for our little series. I hear he’s preparing for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. Or maybe it’ll be I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here? If Xander fancies a career in politics it apparently seems to be perfect preparation for high government office.

I asked if he & Martin would ask if Mark Cavendish or Wout van Aert if they’d fancy a 5M TT in Tranent, but, alas it seems Wout & Mark had “better things to do” – something about Worlds prep. Pah.

I realised I made a minor administrative boob when scheduling the final week of the series – it clashed with the first week of a new accounting course I teach. That’s right. Not only do I spend my evenings organising things like this but I also teach the fun-filled world of accountancy – what did I say about Hannah being a very luck lady?.....

Therefore, I was not present for last night’s race. A big thank you to the volunteers last night for helping in making sure the event ran smoothly – from the usual race duties to the extra bit of paperwork.

25 riders signed up, with 21 taking part. Whilst I was talking about absorption costing some of you would have been flying around the Macmerry roundabout to compete in the 5M (not really 5miles, but we call it 5 miles because it’s easier than calling it a 4.6miles) TT. There was the opportunity to swing the overall results with a strong final performance.

First off & the overall winner of the Youth Female category in 2021, was Kasey Park. Kasey competed for the 11th time this year. Seeing a strong cohort of under 18s this year has been something that really puts a smile on my face. Especially when youngsters, like Kasey, keep coming back for more. Kasey finished in 13:47. There were 2 other youngsters last night. Firstly we had Charlie Hibberd, also aged 12, completed the course in 14:20. Theo Cunningham was our 3rd under 18 last night. Theo has been a consistent rider throughout 2021. He raced 8 times this year and his Dad, Malcolm, has kindly volunteered 4 evenings as well. Theo finished 16th overall in 12:17, helping him to finish 3rd in the Overall Youth Male category for 2021.

There was both a bundle of road bikers and Ronde riders last night. I’ll do road bikes first. Rauri Black sneaking in with a late entry, (after being told to race by Ciaran McSherry I hear), finished as the fastest road biker in a time of 10:59. 2nd fastest and the Road Bike Male Winner for 2021 was Colin Sills of ERC, Colin finished in 11:01. 3rd fastest in both road bike and the Ronde-race-off was Simon Titmuss who finished in 11:05. Simon also finished overall 3rd place in the Road Bike category as well as overall 2nd in the Vet 40 Male category. Michael Main was both the 4th place road bike and Ronde rider in 11:42. Louis Moorehead in 8th place overall was the 2nd best Ronde-rer in a time of 10:32. Chris Stewart, upon what I assume was his DIY painted TT bike finished 3rd overall in 10:08 – and of course was the fastest Ronde-erer.

There was a couple of women racing last night. First timer to the series in 2021, Laura Faithfull. Laura finished 15th overall in 12:00 & takes away the fastest female crown from last night. In 2nd place was Sarah Emslie, who crossed the line in 13:16. Sarah is also the 2021 winner of the Overall Female & Vet 40 Female categories.

In terms of the top 10 – there was Gerry McGuire in 10th who finished in 10:55. Gerry also finishes 2021 2nd place in the Vet 50 Male category. Talking of said category, Chris Allen who came 9th last night in 10:33 is the 2021 winner of the Vet 50 Male crown as well as finishing 3rd overall! 8th was Louis Moorehead In 10:32. 7th was Graham Jones in 10:31 – Graham has been very helpful this year in assisting with any loveadmin issues or queries. A big thank you to Graham. Paul Rigg of NBCC was 6th in 10:30. Only 3 seconds separated 6-9th.

In 5th was Warren Crombie of MRCC in 10:23. 4th in 10:21 was Michael Perkins of EPNP CC. Michael finished 4th overall in 2021 & the winner of the Vet 40 category. 3rd was Chris Stewart of Ronde in 10:08. A few seconds ahead in 10:04 was the most eager rider of 2021, David Henderson, who signed up and kindly sent his £4 to ERC 13 times in 2021. David finished in 10:04. The winner last night in a time of 09:37, 2nd overall and 2nd Senior Male in 2021 & who was pipped to 1st overall by 3 points – was Oliver Teenan. At least the weekly trips up the M27, M3, M40, M6 and M74 have been worth it.

Thank you to the volunteers last night. Chris Howie & Ross Taylor for timekeeping. Eric Easton for signs & marshalling. Paul Rayner & Malcolm Cunningham for a mix of holder upper duties & start area assistance.

I’ve posted a full set of results & stats for 2021 but here is a quick summary for you:

Overall Male - Alan Dean

Overall Female – Sarah Emslie

Senior Male – Alan Dean

Senior Female – Fiona McDonnell

Vet 50 Male – Chris Allen

Vet 50 Female – N/A

Vet 40 Male – Michael Perkins

Vet 40 Female – Sarah Emslie

Youth Male – Cameron Adam

Youth Female – Kasey Park

Road Bike Male – Colin Sills

Road Bike Female – Fiona McDonnell

Week 16 Results here - Week 16 Results

Overall Results here - Overall 2021 Results

And a final thank you from me to everyone who has raced or volunteered this year. When I took this on in 2019 I wanted to put my stamp on things, which has mainly ended up in writing a life blog each week. 2021 has seen the new courses mix things up really nicely – something we’ll continue in 2022. Alongside of course having record numbers. The consistently high levels of participation each week has warmed my heart – it makes it all worth it. I don’t take on these things lightly, I go all in & 2021 has made me want to keep coming back for more. Thank you all so very much. There will be an awards night in November, so I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If I don’t see you there, then maybe I’ll see you on the road, but I’ll definitely see you in Tranent in June 2022. Keep well & best wishes