ERC 2021 Midweek TT Series - Week 6 Startsheet

7 July 2021

Thank you for signing up - 23 in a week where you may have required flippers is fab!

Please remember a few things:

  • BE AWARE - The plasterboard that's been stuck to the road near Gladsmuir is now a pile of mush - we are going to try and clear it put please be careful.
  • Bring your own pen! Don't share pens. It can be a quill, sharpie, gel pen, 2HB pencil - but please bring one
  • Use the hand sanitizer
  • You have to have a rear light (CTT rules) - no light = DQ
  • Please try not to clog up the start area and arrive as close to your start time as possible (we say 5mins, but c'mon, just please use common sense)
  • Use the hand sanitizer
  • If a table isn't present - Black Clipboard = SIGN ON, Red Clipboard = RESULTS
  • If you're on a road bike (no TT bars/clip ons/or disc wheel) - please when you sign in, put a 'R' next to your name
  • I will be helping herd you all around the start area tonight, with sign ons etc, so the timekeepers can focus on timing.
  • We are going to give using numbers a go tonight. Please:
    • Use the hand sanitizer before/after collecting your number
    • Bring your own pins
    • Put the pin-less number in the bucket in the sign on area after you've finished
  • It's another night of the 15M TT course ! WE16/01
Number Name Club Start Time
1 Kasey Park Edinburgh RC 19:01
2 Theo Cunningham Edinburgh RC 19:02
3 Yolanda Solans Edinburgh RC 19:03
4 Keith Froude Edinburgh RC 19:04
5 Alasdair Easton Edinburgh RC 19:05
6 Patrick Cutmore Edinburgh RC 19:06
7 Kelly Rhodes Ronde CC 19:07
8 Tom Priestner Edinburgh RC 19:08
9 Sarah Emslie Edinburgh RC 19:09
10 Simon Nicholls Roarsz Performance 19:10
11 Stuart Lockey Edinburgh RC 19:11
12 Andrew Sinclair Edinburgh RC 19:12
13 Gerry McGuire Pentland Velo 19:13
14 Pierpaolo Sidoti Ronde CC 19:14
15 Simon Russell Edinburgh RC 19:15
16 Michael Perkins EPNP CC 19:16
17 Jonny Noblett Ronde CC 19:17
18 Warren Crombie Musselburgh Roads CC 19:18
19 David Henderson EH Star 19:19
20 Steve Canney Edinburgh RC 19:20
21 Mark Anderson Musselburgh Roads CC 19:21
22 Sandy Waller Edinburgh RC 19:22
23 Paul Davis Musselburgh Roads CC 19:23
V Alan Burke Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Chris Borthwick Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Chris Banks Edinburgh RC Volunteer
V Dan Kirk Edinburgh RC Volunteer