ERC Midweek TT Series 2019 Overall Results

14 January 2020

2019 Results!


I was sort of waiting to post these up when the presentation night was upon us but after a nudge, and partially forgetting (only partially……) on my part, here we have the 2019 results below. One name maybe a glaring omission but that’s because I decided in Trump Administration US Attorney General style, to recuse myself from said results.

After some consistent results throughout the year and four stints of volunteering (the volunteering is the thing that keeps the series going, it can’t be solely powered on my wit), David Lewendon of MRCC came out on top overall, as well as winning the V50 category. David is a cracking bloke, a really consistent rider and even though he stole, sorry, ‘unexpectedly acquired’, the float money one week he is still a well deserving victor. Similarly, with some consistent, improving performances & stints of volunteering Michael Perkins of EPNP CC came in second place and won the V40 category. Stalwart Alan Dean of Edinburgh RC won the (surprise, surprise) senior category, best Edinburgh RC rider and came third in the overall Male category.

Lucie Hrnickova was the winner of the overall female series and senior female category. She was the only rider to hit the 2 volunteering stings criteria, so it shows that bringing your dog on an evening trip out to volunteer at a midweek TT is worthwhile. Lucie is a consistent racer across many disciplines, I look forward to seeing her and a greater depth of women racers challenging her in 2020.

Youth and Junior rides did not need to volunteer, at their age we can’t reasonably expect them to have the concentration span to watch out for riders hurtling down the A199, as they will be far too interested in working out which snapchat filter is most appropriate for their most recent selfie. Also, because I want the youth riders to have participation as their focus – here’s a deal for 2020 kids, you race and bring a parent along to volunteer. Elijah Kwon won the youth category, he improved throughout the year posting a series of very respectable results - even if he tried to sabotage his own chances of victory by sliding out on a roundabout during the last TT. I am concerned that the likes of Elijah are going to be showing me a thing or two in 2020!

Stuart Lockey won the road bike category, with series regular Chris Borthwick (when typing this out I initially typed ‘Christ Borthwick’, I wonder if that was a “sign” from up on high, if so, I should stay in Chris’ good books – praise him, praise him) coming second place and Ewan Macneilage of Ronde CC in third place. Remember you don’t need a TT bike to race the TT series, if you just want to test yourself out and dip your toe into racing without having to worry about 100 other blokes elbowing you in the liver, then come along! You can still win prizes, adulation and acceptance from loved ones by racing on a normal road bike.

Volunteering had slightly more weight than in prior years and I am planning on this continuing, hence why the overall results may look a smidge different to expected. Standing on the A199, on a damp Wednesday evening, after a day of work is the task that keeps this series alive and you should be duly rewarded for it. This also helps drive the series to a wider membership and rider base.

Pos. Overall Male Club Points
1 David Lewendon MRCC 414
2 Michael Perkins EPNP CC 369
3 Alan Dean Edinburgh RC 360
4 Lewis Hutchison Edinburgh RC 350
5 Eddie Glover Dumfries CC 338

Pos. Overall Female Club Points
1 Lucie Hrnickova Edinburgh RC 200

Pos. Senior Male Club Points
1 Alan Dean Edinburgh RC 360
2 Lewis Hutchison Edinburgh RC 350
3 Sandy Waller Edinburgh RC 285

Pos. Senior Female Club Points
1 Lucie Hrnickova Edinburgh RC 200

Pos. Vet 50 Male Club Points
1 David Lewendon MRCC 414
2 Eddie Glover Dumfries CC 338
3 Steve Canney Edinburgh RC 333

Pos. Vet 40 Male Club Points
1 Michael Perkins EPNP CC 369
2 Stuart Lockey Edinburgh RC 261
3 Kim McGillivray Edinburgh RC 243

Pos. Youth Male Club Points
1 Elijah Kwon Edinburgh RC 241
2 Alex Gibb Edinburgh RC 112
3 Alfie Atterton Edinburgh RC 73

Pos. Road Bike Male Club Points
1 Stuart Lockey Edinburgh RC 256
2 Chris Borthwick Edinburgh RC 230
3 Ewan Macneilage Ronde CC 208

I have plans up my sleeve for 2020 and after a race meeting we’re holding soon I will update you all with dates and details. Provisional start date is May 6th.