ERC Midweek TT Series 2020 - It's ON!

27 August 2020

It's the one and only. The final countdown. The only was is up. Ooh Eeh Ooh Ah Aah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang. Wait, that last one doesn't work does it?!

A 19 week series comes down to a one week, all out effort to try and grab the 'Alan Dean "my arms are aching because I'm holding so many awards" Trophy, also more commonly, and officially, known as The Ian McCulloch Trophy.

Most things are as before. Same 10M TT course. Same start and same end. Same headwind on the way back up that drag. Same messages from Sandy during the week saying he's finally found the perfect position, before changing it a day later.

But some things are different. Y'know covid and all that. Sign on and payment will be done online via love admin. The start area will be marked, coned and limited to 15 people. No announced results (I'll post them online) or meeting at the Loch Centre. Just roll up to the roundabout and wait your turn. You'll be assigned a start number but without a physical start number - we know most of you by now, so either shout your name or number when you cross the line just in case.

Be sure to sign on and pay by Tuesday 1st September! So I can send out numbers and things on Wednesday. It'll show under 'classes' which you access via 'payments' within loveadmin

First rider will be off at 18:01!

Anyone wanting to volunteer - we will need a few, please sign on via the google doc below

See you there