ERC Midweek TT Series Week 10 - Dan?! Dan?! Dan?!

10 July 2019

Okay so this will be a slightly different approach I am undertaking because I am writing a report about a TT which I was not present at. No bother, I shall engage Daily Mail journalist mode and just make this up as I go along, integrity? Pah! Facts schmacts.

On an (insert weather conditions here) evening in Tranent, actually it did look a little drizzly & I only know this because the picture of the results I was sent had some wet patches on the clipboard – so it had either rained or Alan had spilt/dribbled/sneezed over the results sheet.

With folk likely put off by the grey skies, the kind of skies the school dinner lady looks up at and senses rain is on the way so sends all the kids inside (IT’S SPITTING!). A field of 14 rocked up to Tranent with a good mix of ages.

Ian Dobbie, who I am becoming convinced is Alan Dean in disguise akin to Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire posted the fastest time of 21:44. Mark Anderson of MRCC was 2nd with 23:00 and Alfie Atterton was third with 23:13.

Euan McNeilage was the fastest road bike of the evening with 25:06 beating Jerry Maguire, sorry, Gerry McGuire who came in 2nd with 27:09

Hollie Begg was the fastest female rider of the night with a time of 26:46. She may have been the only one but as I’ve said before a win is a win, so claim it!

Thanks to our volunteers Alan Burke and Giles Oakley. Sandy Waller was meant to be volunteering but despite graduating recently he still hasn’t got out of the student mindset and decided to have an afternoon nap, therefore he was unable to get to Tranent in time. Yep 9-5ers, you read that correctly, an afternoon nap!

See you all next week