ERC Midweek TT Series Week 11 - It's Gon Rain

17 July 2019

Week 11 greeted us with a return to a sense of normality, ie rain. Grey skies, rain and wind, the weather was bleaker than a Michael Haneke film.

It was one of those evenings where you question your life choices, the life choices which led you to end up cycling across East Lothian to a leisure centre and then to stand in a high-vis gilet on a grassy roundabout in the pouring rain playing Dutch Europop to try and keep you moving.

Of those who did brave the July weather, Lewis Hutchinson was the fastest of the evening with a time of 23:22. I can confirm there was no dog assistance or pooch power you could say propelling him to the fastest time, he was solely powered by his own hind legs. Second was Michael Perkins with 23:45 and 3rd Warren Crombie with 24:15.

Fastest road bike was Andrew Neal, who was taking time off from interviewing prospective Conservative Prime Minister candidates – I didn’t get chance to ask who he preferred, whether it was candidate who is the epitome of the visual interpretation of the word ‘baffoon’ or the one who you’d picture if asked the question ‘if an asparagus was a person, what would it look like’. I digress, Alan’s time was 25:38. Stuart Lockey came second with a 26:43. Jerry Maguire (Gerry McGuire, never gets old) who was telling each of us beforehand to ‘help me, help you’ came third with 27:06

Fingers crossed for better weather next week. Please.

Thanks again to volunteers Alan Dean (yep, he’s back folks), Louis Moorehead, Ewan MacNeilage and Steve Canney