ERC Midweek TT Series Week 7 - North by Northwest

20 June 2019

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Before I start, if anyone checks the wind direction from last night and mentions it was in fact a south-westerly breeze then we're no longer friends

Week 7 greeted us with this big orange thing in the sky, no, the Donald Trump blimp wasn't flying over East Lothian but the sun was intact shining!

A 1/2/3 of Alan Dean, young Alex Gibb & Sandy Waller is becoming a distinct pattern now. Alan posted the fastest time of 21:54, followed by Alex with 22:33 and Sandy 22:38.

Alex didn’t stick around for the results which possibly was due to it being on a school night and he likely has a paper round to wake up early for.

Sandy was beaten into 3rd this week on another tinkered TT setup, we’re discovering that he’s had more front end TT setups than Keith Richards has had one-night stands.

Kim McGillivray controversially was almost declared fastest female of the evening, though the blonde wig and hourglass figure fooled the timekeepers initially, the prominent Adam's apple fuelled suspicion & led to an enquiry whereby it was discovered Kim was actually a man. Thus unable to claim 1st place in the female standings.

Therefore the real fastest females of the evening were Sarah Ommend with 27:14, Hollie Begg 28:12 and Catriona Jeorrett 28:51

With my power to add series points for sartorial choices (c’mon how do you think I came second last year), Steve Canney lobbied me to add points for amazing facial hair. I will consider this, after all not only is he bossing the Teddy Roosevelt look but he clearly has the fastest tache in the West.

The night was also marred by further controversy when David Lewendon unwittingly went home with all of the money. I should have known something was up when he arrived - the mask, striped jumper & rucksack emblazoned with 'swag' should have been a giveaway.

Thanks to volunteers Alan Burke & Butch Cassidy. More are required for next week (26th) so please stick your name down

Cheers & see you all next week