ERC Midweek TT Series Week 9 - Where's Alan?

3 July 2019

The impact of school holidays was felt a little tonight, either that or folk checked the weather forecast and saw the westerly breeze had returned.

Due to Alan being on his holidays I couldn’t use my usual template of - talk drivel, mention Alan won and talk more drivel. I’ll obviously just have to stick to part one and three of my template.

Ian Dobbie of West Lothian Clarion, who may or may not be Alan in disguise posted the fastest time of the night with a 22:10. Sandy Waller was in 2nd , thanks to his correct saddle height, with a 22:34 and Ken Russell, possibly the director of ‘Women in Love’ and ‘The Devils’ or possibly not - either way he came in 3rd with 22:48.

Personally I decided to take time trial inspiration from John Archibald a little too literally by dropping my chain on the outward section. Bugger.

Gerry McGuire was the fastest road bike of the night with 27:05, and yes, of course I said ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY’ when his name was read out, c’mon what else would you expect. Though I decided to restrain from walking up to him afterwards and saying ‘You had me at hello’ I thought that’d be a step too far. Stuart Lockey was 2nd road bike with 27:20 and German Rodriguez in 3rd 27:40

My highlight of the night quite possibly was seeing David attempt to pronounce Ruben & German’s names. Here’s hoping for a flood of riders from Baltic States and Scandinavia entering next week.

Many thanks again to our volunteers, for a third week in a row, David Lewendon, Lucie Hrnickova with dog in tow and Gema Ramos.

See you all next week,