Michael Browne completes PBP!

2 September 2019

Michael Browne finishes PBP again!

We have some more great news from the ultra-endurance side of cycling, as club member Michael has completed Paris-Brest-Paris for the second time. PBP is one of the oldest cycling events in the world, stretching all the way back to 1891. While it is not an audax and not a race, it is still a gruelling event, that requires entrants to have ridden a 200, 300, 400 and 600km audax in 2019. Here is Michaels report from the event.

Paris Brest Paris 2019 - I might not be the fastest but I can go long distances with little sleep.

I have just completed my second Paris Brest Paris ride. The event takes place every four years covering over 1200 km with just under 1200 meters of climbing. There are several time limits but the main one is 90 hours. It is the pinnacle of long-distance riding and this year attracted over 6500 rides from every corner of the world. The event has been running for longer than the Tour de France and has a good following from the French public.

Most of the riders started on Sunday the 18th of August, including myself, with a 6:00pm start. I rode through the first night stopping briefly at the first four controls. I had my first brief 90-minute sleep after 20 hours of riding. This recharged my batteries for the largest climb to the halfway point at Brest. Unfortunately, there was a headwind all the way to Brest. Once I arrived. I had a "big sleep" of three hours before the cycle back. I did find my pace slowing and I generally took longer at the controls. I had one more brief sleep and three power naps. The last stage I met up with a bunch of British riders and we started a chain gang to keep us awake. We were then joined by a number of Canadians and the pace increased. I just managed to hold on until the end. I finished in 76 hours 20 minutes beating my previous time by 45 minutes. It is an amazing experience with highs and lows but it is the French public that helps to keep you going.

A big well done from everyone at ERC Michael!