Rapha Women's 100 Ride

9 September 2023

Sunday September 17th

The Rapha Women’s Hundred is an opportunity for women around the world to come together and ride in celebration of the growth and unity in women’s cycling. See here for more details: https://content.rapha.cc/gb/en/story/womens100

As part of this, Francesca Osowska is leading a 100km (or thereabouts) ride on Sunday 17 September. This ride will start at the Commonwealth Pool at 10:00. Details of the planned route are here (although changes might be made depending on the weather): https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/192588702.

There will be a cafe stop at Whitmuir which is about 2/3 into the ride, so have enough food and drink to get you there. As ever, come equipped with a pump and spares. The full route back to the Commonwealth Pool is just short of 100km, but your ride to and from the Commonwealth Pool should take you over the magic hundred. Otherwise, there is always the option of laps of Arthur’s Seat.

This is a social ride, pace will be around 24kph / 15mph.

Sign up for the ride on LoveAdmin. Any questions, please get in touch with Francesca, francesca.osowska@sky.com.