2022 ERC Midweek TT Series

7 April 2022


Hello and welcome all to the 2022 Midweek Series. I am currently on a train, swaying from side to side so if I accidentally mash the keyboard at any point, you'll know wiugrytewrewrtewr - see!

The series will follow very similar ground to 2021. Fun shall be had, sweat shall be produced and much wedding planning shall be typed about. I did get asked about 2Ups - now, what we'll do is, I am conscious that if I designate a night a 2up night and the weather is great then everyone will want to do it solo to try hit a PB. So, every 10M night is an optional 2-UP night (except 17th Aug). I think it safer to do the 2-Ups on the 10 course.

Rules are the same as last year, the only major change is YOU HAVE TO USE A FRONT AND REAR LIGHT TO RACE! Hopefully the block caps made that clear.

Under 18s HAVE to have a Parental/Guardian form signed before racing. Please send it to me. Parents and guardians of Under 18s are welcome to follow behind the rider for safety purposes.

Sign up and payment will be all online via LoveAdmin. (The 2022 series will be appearing soon, eager beavers!)

Schedule below!

TT Series Rules

Volunteer Rota

LoveAdmin Sign Up

CTT Parental Consent Form

RoundDateEventCourse CodeRef
118/05/20225M TTWE05/01
225/05/202210M TTWE10/01Optional 2-UP
301/06/202210M TTAlt CourseOptional 2-UP
408/06/202210M TTAlt CourseOptional 2-UP
515/06/202210M TTAlt CourseOptional 2-UP
622/06/202215.5M TTWE16/01
729/06/202210M TTWE10/01Optional 2-UP
806/07/202215.5M TTWE16/01
913/07/202210M TTWE10/01Optional 2-UP
1020/07/202210M TTWE10/01Optional 2-UP
1127/07/2022Yak HC TTWE01/01
1203/08/20225M TTWE05/01
1310/08/2022Yak HC TTWE01/01
1417/08/202210M TTWE10/01McCulloch Trophy Ride
1524/08/2022Yak HC TTWE01/01
1631/08/20225M TTWE05/01

Plus an after series beer party night shall be had, I just can't promise on the same epic level of prizes in 2022 compared to 2021!

See you on the road!